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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is often the first city that comes to mind when people think of California, accompanied by images of towering palm trees, glamorous city streets and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The city earned its fame with the creation of the motion picture industry in the 1920s, resulting in a dramatic increase in population size. Today, Los Angeles, with its diverse economy, is home to nearly 4 million people.

Living in Los Angeles

If you've ever considered a move to L.A., there's no time like the present. An increasing number of people are migrating to this cosmopolitan metropolis that offers a great nightlife scene, a home for avid sports fans and incredible weather year-round. With a diverse population and unique entertainment industry, there's never a dull moment if you're looking to explore all that Los Angeles has to offer.

Known as the largest manufacturing area in the nation, L.A. is constantly drawing more and more businesses to the area, helping create an economically stable environment. A range of opportunities is available in a variety of industries, including retail and hospitality. This fast-paced city is also home to the country's major motion picture, television, and music production companies and businesses.

Los Angeles is often compared with New York City, given its highly rated colleges and universities, museums, sports teams, entertainment venues and businesses. However, L.A. has a much more moderate climate that consists of sunny days and temperatures in the high 70s. For this reason, many prefer it over its much chillier metropolitan competitor, New York.

Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Here are just a few of the wonderful neighborhoods that Los Angeles has to offer:

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a trendy neighborhood located in Central Los Angeles, and was the home of Walt Disney's first large studio. Today, it's become a hub for alternative and indie rock, often compared with the hip Williamsburg neighborhood in New York City.


Venice is the epitome of a casual beach town, home to a diverse crowd of people who maintain the vibrant spirit it is best known for. The fact that it shares its name with the well-known Italian city of canals is no coincidence; millionaire founder Abbott Kinney intended it to be a seaside resort inspired by the famous European destination. The city does have a network of canal waterways lined with homes.


You can't talk about Los Angeles without mentioning Hollywood, which many people consider the heart of the city. Here the U.S. film and television industry emerged, with landmarks like Charlie Chaplin Studios still serving as a throwback to the area's silver-screen roots.

Bel Air

Bel Air is an affluent neighborhood in L.A. that features heavily in pop culture and entertainment. The community's Hannah Carter Japanese Gardens were inspired by authentic Kyoto gardens and feature antique stone carvings, a five-tiered pagoda and symbolic rocks.

Los Feliz

Los Feliz translates to "the happy," a fitting name considering it was the birthplace of Mickey Mouse, the famous face of "The Happiest Place on Earth." Walt Disney drew his first sketch of the cartoon character in the garage of his uncle's Los Feliz home. Today it's home to one of the Disney studios, as well as a handful of other movie studios.


Brentwood offers easy access to a variety of outdoor activities, providing an active lifestyle within close distance of its many upscale homes. The nearby Santa Monica Mountains have several hiking trails and scenic views of the area.

San Fernando Valley

The San Fernando Valley is an urban community surrounded by several California mountain ranges including Simi Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains. Here, you can explore the massive Griffith Park, considered the "Central Park of Los Angeles."

West Los Angeles

The West Los Angeles area is split by the 405 Freeway, with each side maintaining a distinct identity. This community hosts one of Los Angeles' many annual Cherry Blossom festivals, celebrating the arrival of spring with the blooming pink flower.

Miracle Mile

Los Angeles' Miracle Mile was created in the late 1930s, carefully engineered to appeal to drivers rather than pedestrians. Plenty of parking lots were constructed, and signs and architectural features were designed to angle toward the street, perfectly visible through a car's windshield at average cruising speed. Today, it's home to Museum Row, where you can visit several of the city's top museums.


Mid-City Los Angeles is widely known for its roots in the performing arts and music, and it was the site of Ray Charles' main recording studio. There are several well-known historic venues in the community including The Mint, established in 1937 and host to music icons like Stevie Wonder, Macy Gray and Natalie Cole.

Los Angeles School Information

The Los Angeles Unified School District manages public education for the city of Los Angeles. Through the district's innovative Choices Program, families can choose to send their child to their local public school, any other public school in the district, a magnet school or one of the many charter schools. This flexibility and freedom of choice earns the district high praise from parents and students.

If you're looking for high-quality post-secondary education, you won't be disappointed with the variety of options available in Los Angeles. Top schools like the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California provide an excellent education in this city by the sea.

Los Angeles Moving Tips

Make your move to Los Angeles as easy as possible by preparing with a few key facts:

  • Power, Water and Gas: Utilities are provided by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company.
  • Trash and Recycling: All sanitation services are administered by the city of Los Angeles, including bulk item pickup and assistance with large appliance disposal.
  • Parking: Parking restrictions vary widely across the city, so it's important to read any posted signs before you leave your vehicle. Avoid ending up with a hefty parking ticket by following parking restrictions and feeding the meter as required.
  • Transportation: The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) manages the public transit system, which includes subway trains, buses and light rail. The Metro Rail is a rapid transit rail system, making it easy to get around the city while avoiding the notorious traffic.

Los Angeles Housing Information

Los Angeles boasts miles of scenic coastline and waterfront housing options, in addition to sprawling residential suburbs that fill every last corner of the city. Although homes in this city are often more expensive in comparison to the rest of the country, many residents find that the wide array of employment opportunities, top-rated schools and big-city amenities make buying a home here more than worth the investment.