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For the things that matter most, choose one of our climate-controlled self-storage units

Peace of Mind

Some things can be damaged by heat, humidity and cold. A climate-controlled unit may help keep your stuff within a set temperature or humidity range.

Comfortable Visits

Need to stop by your storage unit on a regular basis? A climate-controlled unit may make sure your visit is comfortable in either hot or cold weather, year-round.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Photos and Film

High heat and humidity can cause photos to curl, fade and degrade rapidly. Climate control may keep your photos looking good for generations.

Cameras, Lenses and Electronics

Moisture and condensation are the enemies when it comes to photo gear and electronics. Camera bodies can corrode and lenses can be destroyed by humidity-loving fungi.
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Some wines improve with age, but only under controlled conditions. Temperature swings and heat accelerate the wine's aging process, leaving it sharp, acidic and vinegary.

Wood Furniture

Warm, humid air can cause wood to swell and warp. Dry, cold winter air can make it shrink and crack. Neither extreme is good for wood furniture.

Leather, Fabrics and Upholstery

Mold and mildew thrive in warm, humid air. If either infest fabric, it can result in permanent damage. If you're storing furniture in a humid part of the country, a climate-controlled storage unit may be worth considering.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Record Albums and Magnetic Media

Heat can melt an LP record very easily, leaving it warped and unplayable. Magnetic media — such as cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, computer disks and hard drives — are sensitive to humidity and condensation.

Musical Instruments

Stringed instruments can warp and their glued joints can fail. Bacteria, mold and mildew can grow in brasses and woodwinds. Pianos can suffer all these effects. If you're storing a musical instrument, go with a climate-controlled space.


See What Our Customers Have to Say

testimonial veronica h photo
Veronica H.
I had a unit at another storage company and it was just too hot inside. I nearly fainted just trying to move my things out. Public Storage has really cool units and I just love the climate-controlled environment.
testimonial dennis w photo
Dennis W.
The climate-controlled environment is a must-have under Texas weather conditions!
testimonial tesa l photo
Tesa L.
We just rented a unit at Public Storage. Christy was extremely helpful in signing us up and walked us through the facility explaining everything. So far, all is fantastic! We were interested in getting a climate controlled space near our operating facility and this location is perfect.
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Pro-Tips for Climate-Controlled Storage

Ready to use climate-controlled storage? Here’s how to prepare your things to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

Leave Room for Air Movement

Leave space for air to move between boxes and furniture. It reduces the chances of mold or mildew invading your things.

Invest in Silica Packets

Those little packets that say "Do Not Eat" are your best friends when it comes to preventing moisture damage. You can buy them in various sizes, from little packets to large, vented boxes designed for camera and electronics cases.

Elevate Things off the Floor

Cardboard boxes will soak up any moisture they can find, even the dew that condenses on concrete floors in humid environments. Use wire shelving, 4-by-4-inch lumber or other strong supports to store everything at above-floor level.

Pack Like a Preservationist

There is a lot of science to preserving the things you care about. Reading up on preservation techniques can help you maximize the life of your possessions.