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indoor plans surround a young lady with one knee on the ground

Indoor Plants for Small Spaces

Read on to grow your knowledge of indoor greenery, with expert tips on choosing the right plants and also making them look great in your space! ... Read more
White DIY Pegboard shaped houses under staircase space with black and white stripe accent wall

Pegboard Storage to Transform Your Home

Pegboards are not only a great organizing option that’s been around seemingly forever, but also can be adapted to just about anywhere in your home to create, you guessed it, more storage! ... Read more
DIY stylish study space using ikea storing bins as base and faux marble tabletop

Smart Study Spaces for Distance Learning from Creative Parents

Read on to learn how these creative moms built organized and chic study spaces. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to build one for your school-age kids! ... Read more
college student allison studying at her home in northern california

Organization Tips For Living At Home During College

Living at home during college might not be ideal for everyone, but some organization tips it can help make this semester go smoothly—no matter where you are. ... Read more

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Experts weigh in with remodeling and decorating tips, because customers store with us while they are updating their homes. We also offer craft and recipe ideas, just for the fun of it.
Read here for tips to make your next move hassle-free. Get suggestions for packing, saving money and staying organized throughout the process, whether you’re working with a professional crew or getting a little help from friends. Check out our ultimate moving check list to get you started.
Read on for expert tips on storing for every season, from summer watercraft to your favorite snow boards, snow shoes and snow boots. Get our favorite summer barbecue recipes, ideas for decorating a holiday table and details on creating our award-winning Rose Parade float.
We do love our stuff, especially if it carries a sense of history and a whole lot of character. Get expert tips on collecting, preserving and organizing your treasures, from vintage clothes to classic cameras and rare baseball cards.

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6 Quick Storage Ideas to Add Space to Every Room in Your Home

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Grandma reading newspaper in a Schumacher Homes multigenerational home floor plan

How to Make Multigenerational Homes Work

Multigenerational homes requires good old-fashioned communication, better organization and space. Read on for more expert tips on making the most of time with family! ... Read more
Woman wearing red shirt moving public storage boxes using contactless erental service
public storage

Public Storage Launches Contactless Move-Ins for Peace of Mind

Thanks to our eRental program, our customers are able to spend just a couple of minutes on our website to zero in on the perfect Public Storage unit. ... Read more
organized spices on a spice rack

Clever Small Kitchen Storage Ideas from Organizing Experts

Whether it is finding space in drawers or shelf risers, our organizing mavens focused on things you can do easily today that can make a difference by dinnertime. ... Read more