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screen shot of a messy desktop filled with documents

How to Organize Computer Files and Folders

Clean your digital clutter once and for all! We break down the process for organizing your computer files, making it an easy task anyone can accomplish. ... Read more
KonMari decluttered makeup drawer

Can the KonMari Method Improve Your Space Today

We explore if the popular KonMari method of extreme decluttering can work in these times. ... Read more
Mixologist John-Paul holding up an old-fahsioned in a low ball glass

How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour, With a Twist On the Quarantini

To celebrate getting together no matter what, we’ve gathered our own virtual panel of experts on how to host a virtual happy hour, and how to make the best Quarantini. ... Read more
Messy car trunk filled with bags

How To Organize Your Car Trunk And Get Rid Of That Junk

We can give you a roadmap for tackling all that unnecessary junk in your trunk with expert tips on our blog. You'll have a clean space in no time! ... Read more
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Experts weigh in with remodeling and decorating tips, because customers store with us while they are updating their homes. We also offer craft and recipe ideas, just for the fun of it.
Read here for tips to make your next move hassle-free. Get suggestions for packing, saving money and staying organized throughout the process, whether you’re working with a professional crew or getting a little help from friends. Check out our ultimate moving check list to get you started.
Read on for expert tips on storing for every season, from summer watercraft to your favorite snow boards, snow shoes and snow boots. Get our favorite summer barbecue recipes, ideas for decorating a holiday table and details on creating our award-winning Rose Parade float.
We do love our stuff, especially if it carries a sense of history and a whole lot of character. Get expert tips on collecting, preserving and organizing your treasures, from vintage clothes to classic cameras and rare baseball cards.

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Small business vendor van parked in front of Public Storage unit
public storage

Public Storage is Essential for Helping Business Customers Help You

Public Storage will always be there for all of our valued customers providing the storage, providing the storage and service necessary so they can serve their communities. ... Read more
man in white shirt and jeans cleaning stack of books in living room

Looking for Organizing Projects Now that You’re Home?

We've found five items that anyone can let go of today to jump start your cleaning and reduce clutter. ... Read more
winning face mask entry

How to Make Your Own Face Mask, with Tips from Public Storage Employees

A team of Public Storage employees share their DIY face masks: bedazzled, orange marvels with a ton of personality. ... Read more
Laptop with video camera perched behind it on dinning room table

Video Conference Tips to Perfect Your Space and Avoid Snafus

Before you jump on that next Zoom meeting, read our tips for a smooth and professional video conference call. ... Read more
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