The Organized Life: Tips for Storage, Moving and Organizing

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kids closet organized closet so they can grow with their closet

Closet Upgrade Ideas That Grow With Your Kid

Read on for top organization tips for closet upgrade ideas that will grow with your kids and save you time and space in the long run. ... Read more
portrait of public storage executive john
public storage

An Executive's Journey Developing the Next Wave of Leaders

For 30 years, John Sambuco has poured his heart into serving our customers and, along the way, developed a lifelong passion for lifting up employees to become the next wave of leaders. ... Read more
suv trunk opened an loaded for a beach trip including a poodle

The Ultimate Beach Trip Packing Tips

Read on for our beach trip packing tips for a fun day of sun and sand. ... Read more
smiling woman holding moving box as she packs up her space

5 Tips for Moving to a New State Alone

Don’t let a fear of the unknown keep you from moving to a new state alone! With a little planning, some organization and our tips, you’ll be sailing through your move and enjoying life in your new city in no time. ... Read more
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Experts weigh in with remodeling and decorating tips, because customers store with us while they are updating their homes. We also offer craft and recipe ideas, just for the fun of it.
Read here for tips to make your next move hassle-free. Get suggestions for packing, saving money and staying organized throughout the process, whether you’re working with a professional crew or getting a little help from friends. Check out our ultimate moving check list to get you started.
Read on for expert tips on storing for every season, from summer watercraft to your favorite snow boards, snow shoes and snow boots. Get our favorite summer barbecue recipes, ideas for decorating a holiday table and details on creating our award-winning Rose Parade float.
We do love our stuff, especially if it carries a sense of history and a whole lot of character. Get expert tips on collecting, preserving and organizing your treasures, from vintage clothes to classic cameras and rare baseball cards.

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a woman in white shirt holding a sage smudge stick and feather another hand cleansing a new home

How to Cleanse A New Home

If you’re curious about what it means to energetically cleanse your home, read on for our expert tips on how to get the job done. ... Read more
public storage employee smiles while standing at counter
public storage

Public Storage Certified Great Place to Work

Our employees have bestowed upon us this prestigious certification because of our excellent company culture. ... Read more
under stairs storage drawers

Under Stairs Storage Solutions for Your Home

Read the Public Storage blog for tips on how to make the area under your stairs a storage powerhouse. ... Read more
public storage employees and family members luis, juanita and melvin pose outdoors in their uniforms
public storage

Public Storage Employees Make it Family Affair

At Public Storage, we want to celebrate this family trio for assisting our customers every day and helping our team members grow professionally! ... Read more
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