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bunce performing arts has been holding backyard performances in Minnesota. Photo courtesy of Kristin Jones, Any Angle Photography
public storage

Public Storage Provides Storage Solution for Minnesota Community Theater Nonprofit

Public Storage has served as a go-to storage solution to the Bunce Performing Arts, a nonprofit organization striving to bring affordable arts to youth in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. ... Read more
hygge organized bedroom with a cozy feeling

Hygge Lifestyle for Ideal Organization

Learn about Hygge (pronounced Hooga), the Danish concept which embraces the quality of coziness and read on the Public Storage blog to learn how experts use Hygge to organize spaces. ... Read more
open gates volunteer in the kitchen

Public Storage Helps Texas Nonprofit Serve Young Adult Homeless in the Community

When a Houston-based nonprofit needed space to hold excess donated clothes, among other items, they turned to Public Storage. ... Read more
first time buyer couple standing in front of phoenix home

What First Time Buyers Need to Know

We spoke to a real estate expert to help answer first time home buyers’ common questions. ... Read more
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Experts weigh in with remodeling and decorating tips, because customers store with us while they are updating their homes. We also offer craft and recipe ideas, just for the fun of it.
Read here for tips to make your next move hassle-free. Get suggestions for packing, saving money and staying organized throughout the process, whether you’re working with a professional crew or getting a little help from friends. Check out our ultimate moving check list to get you started.
Read on for expert tips on storing for every season, from summer watercraft to your favorite snow boards, snow shoes and snow boots. Get our favorite summer barbecue recipes, ideas for decorating a holiday table and details on creating our award-winning Rose Parade float.
We do love our stuff, especially if it carries a sense of history and a whole lot of character. Get expert tips on collecting, preserving and organizing your treasures, from vintage clothes to classic cameras and rare baseball cards.

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guy in a car opening gate with Public Storage app
public storage

New Public Storage App Makes Storage Sweeter

New Public Storage app lets customers use their phones like garage-door openers. Tap your phone to access storage units through our gates, building doors and activate elevator keypads to reach your floor. Or use it to pay bills and so much more! ... Read more
a surburban home with a white fence in Southern California

Moving to the Suburbs: What to Expect

Moving to the suburbs can be a big transition for those who have grown accustom to the city life with all its amenities. Moving experts outline what to expect if you're looking for a change of scenery. ... Read more
a drop zone in a house with a basket to hold face masks and a wooden organizer to hold different paperwork

What is a Drop Zone in a House? Your Guide to Getting Organized

Read on to learn tips to create your drop zone, get organized, and keep the everyday clutter at bay! ... Read more
baseball caps neatly folded and organized

Hat Storage Ideas for Your Home

Follow these tips from our expert organizers for the right hat trick(s) to achieve important fashion and organizing goals for the New Year and beyond! ... Read more
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