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Experts weigh in with remodeling and decorating tips, because customers store with us while they are updating their homes. We also offer craft and recipe ideas, just for the fun of it.

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DIY stylish study space using ikea storing bins as base and faux marble tabletop

Smart Study Spaces for Distance Learning from Creative Parents

Read on to learn how these creative moms built organized and chic study spaces. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to build one for your school-age kids! ... Read more
Outdoor of a tan wood deck with a diy planter poles with string lights

3 Cool DIY Outdoor Wood Projects To Organize Your Backyard

Looking to organize your outdoor space a bit? Here’s three cool DIY projects that might help solve that problem. ... Read more
winning face mask entry

How to Make Your Own Face Mask, with Tips from Public Storage Employees

A team of Public Storage employees share their DIY face masks: bedazzled, orange marvels with a ton of personality. ... Read more
Bottle of aloe vera gel against window.

Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer, a Sign of the Times

How to make your own hand sanitizer: Follow our blogger on her journey as she learns to make her own amidst the nationwide shortage. ... Read more
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Stone Pathway Picture 2 edited

How to Make a Garden Path to Sweeten Your Outdoor Space

Create an eye-popping and mesmerizing stone walking path in your yard or garden with these easy DIY beginners tips from these experts! ... Read more
plants in front of apt

How to Grow a Garden in a Small Space

Living in a small apartment should not stop you from wanting to garden. Hear from our experts on the best tips to get started at home! ... Read more
sewing kit items such as scissors

Sewing Kit Tips for Storing Mending Supplies

Check out these tips for creating your own DIY sewing kit to handle most mending and save money at the dry cleaners and tailors. ... Read more
man doing DIY home repair

5 Simple Home DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Space

Two home repair experts shared five simple home DIY projects that should be manageable by even the most novice handypersons. Keep reading to hear what they are, and get tips for how to try them yourself! ... Read more
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