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Get expert advice for decluttering your life and organizing your home, room by room. Because once you figure this out, you’ll find you get more done and even have spare time to put your feet up and relax.

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woman in background decluttering her closet

How to Declutter Your Closet in 6 Easy Steps

You don’t have to wait for spring cleaning to get a handle on how to declutter your closet in six easy steps. With a little time, some expert tips, and this guide, you’ll be going from closet chaos to cleanliness in no time. ... Read more
an open space between appliance opens to reveal a rack to organize spices

The Only 27 Organization Tips You’ll Need

Here are some clever home organization ideas you can do today to help you tackle the clutter. ... Read more
hygge organized bedroom with a cozy feeling

Hygge Lifestyle for Ideal Organization

Learn about Hygge (pronounced Hooga), the Danish concept which embraces the quality of coziness and read on the Public Storage blog to learn how experts use Hygge to organize spaces. ... Read more
a drop zone in a house with a basket to hold face masks and a wooden organizer to hold different paperwork

What is a Drop Zone in a House? Your Guide to Getting Organized

Read on to learn tips to create your drop zone, get organized, and keep the everyday clutter at bay! ... Read more
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home gym organized in a garage

Home Gym Organization Ideas to Save Space

Learn some very nifty ways to organize and store your workout equipment to help you create a new, healthy routine. ... Read more
college student allison studying at her home in northern california

Organization Tips For Living At Home During College

Living at home during college might not be ideal for everyone, but some organization tips it can help make this semester go smoothly—no matter where you are. ... Read more
tax planning

How to Organize Your Taxes With These Handy Tips

We talked to accountants for their tips on organizing documents and receipts for this year and going forward—so that tax season is stress-free! ... Read more
screen shot of a messy desktop filled with documents

How to Organize Computer Files and Folders

Clean your digital clutter once and for all! We break down the process for organizing your computer files, making it an easy task anyone can accomplish. ... Read more
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