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About Kansas City

Kansas City is one of the largest cities in Kansas, and many locals refer to it as "KCK" to distinguish it from Kansas City, Missouri. The city is located in an area called Kaw Point, where the Missouri and Kansas rivers meet. There are a variety of attractions to enjoy in Kansas City, ranging from historic and cultural to sports and family-friendly activities. You can attend a NASCAR race at the Kansas City Speedway, enjoy a day in the sun at Schlitterbahn Waterpark or visit Kaw State Park, home to a segment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition route.

The History of Kansas City

In the early 1800s, fur traders began settling the area around what is now Kansas City. The town was formed in 1838, earning official incorporation in 1872. When the railroad industry arrived in the city, commercial buildings were built at an impressive rate and the city experienced a significant population boom. The city's parks and boulevards system was started in 1884 as part of the City Beautiful movement. In the early 1900s, skyscrapers began rising above the cityscape. The city's establishment as a streetcar suburb of nearby Kansas City, Missouri, further fueled its growth through the 1930s.

Jobs in Kansas City

Kansas City job growth has been on a promising upswing for the past several years, with jobs in a variety of sectors. If you're planning to join the city's job market, you'll find a range of jobs in the top industries of health care, manufacturing and retail.

Two of the largest employers in Kansas City are health care-based: the University of Kansas Hospital and the University of Kansas Medical Center. You can also find a number of manufacturing jobs at the General Motors Fairfax assembly plant. Other top employers include the Kansas City School District, the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railroad and Village West, a large entertainment and business district.

Kansas City Neighborhoods

Here are a few neighborhoods to explore in Kansas City:

Strawberry Hill

A wealthy mill owner first settled the Strawberry Hill neighborhood in the 1870s, and he eventually sold the land to the railroad and the Catholic Church. It became a major immigration destination in Kansas City during the 19th century, and the area's Eastern European roots are still evident today.


For most of its existence, the Maywood community was a quiet residential area. However, it's now home to the bustling Village West district, which includes the Kansas City Speedway, local sports stadiums and the Schlitterbahn Waterpark.


The Argentine community is named after its former silver foundry, which provided economic prosperity to the area up until the early 1900s. There are several historic points of interest in Argentine, including Native American landmarks and Kansas City's last Carnegie library.


Rosedale was an independent town until it merged with Kansas City in the 1920s. Here, you can visit the Rosedale World War I Memorial Arch or enjoy a weekend movie at the Boulevard Drive-In, which has been in operation since 1950.

Kansas City Schools

The majority of public schools in the city are served by Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools and range from preschools to high schools. The Archdiocese of Kansas City also operates a number of schools in the city, and the Sumner Academy of Arts and Science is a secondary-level magnet school.

Kansas City has a few public and private colleges and universities, including Donnelly College and Kansas Christian College. If you're planning to pursue a two-year degree, you can attend the Kansas City Kansas Community College.

Resources for Moving to Kansas City

Here is a quick guide to help make your move to Kansas City as easy as possible:

  • Utilities: The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities provides both power and water.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Trash and recyclables are collected once a week. Your collection schedule is determined by your specific location, and you can check the city's website to learn more.
  • Transportation: Public transit is provided by KCATA, which has a network of routes that serve mainly nearby Kansas City, Missouri. However, KCATA does facilitate a limited number of routes in Kansas City, Kansas, as well.

Kansas City Housing

The median home price in Kansas City is dramatically lower than the U.S. average and even quite a bit less than the average across Kansas. Rent is also extremely affordable in the city. Housing options range from single-family homes to large multifamily communities, so you'll have plenty of budget-friendly choices.