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Maple Shade

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About Maple Shade

Maple Shade is a small township in New Jersey, with a geographical footprint of just over 3 square miles. The historical community served as one of the early colonies' first towns when it was formed in 1688 and named Chester Township.

The History of Maple Shade

The Roberts family was the first to settle the area that would eventually become Maple Shade, establishing their home in 1682. Before the development of the colonies, the small community was mainly agricultural. As new families arrived over the next several decades, large farms were divided into smaller parcels, providing plenty of fertile land to go around.

The railroad arrived in the 1860s, putting the settlement on the map as it gained a train station and rail stop. This made it possible for locals to commute outside of town for work, which had a major impact on the local economy. The railroad also helped build businesses in town, bringing industries like meat processing, butchering and brick making to Maple Shade.

Over the years, the community was counted as a part of several different townships. Finally, in 1945, it was incorporated as its own independent township.

Living in Maple Shade

Maple Shade is a suburban town with a mix of commercial and residential neighborhoods. It sits northeast of Cherry Hill, a slightly larger suburban area that offers plenty of amenities within an easy drive. Neighborhoods in Maple Shade have tree-lined streets with quaint, cozy one- and two-story mid-century homes, apartments and condos. There's a large mall and a commercial district to the south, where you'll find chain restaurants, bars, and clubs as well as local and big-box stores.

While some residents find work in town or in surrounding areas, many commute into nearby Philadelphia, just 20 minutes away. Nearly all that city's main attractions, including the Philadelphia Zoo, the Liberty Bell and other historical sites, world-class arts, cultural events, sports, and more, are less than 45 minutes away.

Maple Shade Schools

Maple Shade School District operates the public schools of Maple Shade. As a part of Burlington County, Maple Shade students are able to attend the Burlington County Institute of Technology, a secondary school that focuses on technical and vocational education.

Resources for Moving to Maple Shade

As you get ready to move to Maple Shade, the following information will be helpful:

  • Utilities: Maple Shade's primary energy providers include Public Service Electric & Gas and Maple Shade Utility.
  • Garbage and Recycling: The township provides trash and recyclables collection. You can also request bulky item collection.
  • Transportation: New Jersey Transit maintains public transportation routes in and around Maple Shade, also offering easy access to several major metropolitan areas.

Maple Shade Housing

The housing market in Maple Shade offers a diverse range of homes, condos, apartments and townhouses. Single-level ranch homes, two- and three-story family homes, and single-room apartments are available. It's a very affordable place to live, with prices that are far lower than in most of its neighboring communities.