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Jersey City

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About Jersey City

Among the largest cities in New Jersey, Jersey City is home to a growing, diverse population that enjoys the advantage of living in one of the few affordable cities in the New York metropolitan area. Jersey City borders several major bodies of water, which has helped it develop into a major port of entry for the region. Thanks to a thriving transportation network, you can easily travel to Manhattan for both work and play, while still having access to plenty of amenities close to home. In addition to growing business and industries throughout the city, Jersey City's revitalized waterfront hosts many banking and finance companies, earning it the nickname “Wall Street West.”

Living in Jersey City

As a new resident of Jersey City, you’ll discover that each of the city’s wards offers a distinct lifestyle and culture, ranging from bustling city life to a quieter, family-friendly environment. This makes it an ideal home base for a diverse population, including single professionals, young families and retirees. Jersey City is divided into a handful of unique neighborhoods, with three of the most well-known being Downtown, Bergen-Lafayette and The Heights. As a resident of Jersey City, you'll be living in one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the world, providing you with a rich combination of cultures to absorb.

The Historic Downtown district, located just west of the waterfront, has become one of the most desirable residential areas in the city, for both its local amenities and its convenient proximity to Manhattan. In this district's most popular neighborhoods, you can choose from cozy brownstones, family-friendly townhomes and plentiful loft conversions that have transformed unused historic buildings into hip, stylish places to call home.

Throughout downtown Jersey City there’s been extensive development and revitalization in recent years. New residential buildings, restaurants and retail shops dot the area, as well as several cultural attractions, like the Harsimus Stem Embankment and the Jersey City Museum. The Jersey City Art & Studio Tour is a unique program that showcases more than 1,000 different galleries, artist studios and pop-up spaces, offering locals and visitors alike an immersive arts experience that spans four days every year. There are also numerous art fairs, cultural festivals, and art performances hosted by Jersey City every year, providing something to enjoy no matter where your interests may lie.

In addition to cultural attractions, you can take advantage of Jersey City’s every-day amenities as well. You’ll find a number of libraries throughout the city, many of which host educational events in addition to providing books and other materials for check-out. There are also numerous public parks, featuring children’s playgrounds, green space and picnic areas. Grocery stores, cafes, restaurants and convenience stores are plentiful, so you’re never far from the basic necessities.

Jobs in Jersey City

Because Jersey City is a major employment center in the New York metropolitan area, many people commute into the city on a daily basis. There are tens of thousands of jobs in both public and private sectors, spread across a diverse range of industries. If you're planning to join the local job market, you may find that you have luck in the thriving industries of finance, wholesale, retail, shipping and distribution.

The riverfront area, known as Wall Street West, hosts a large percentage of the city’s jobs. Verisk Analytics, ADP, Fidelity Investments and Lord Abbett are among the companies either headquartered or maintaining major operations in the area. You can also find jobs in retail at the numerous shopping districts, supported by the city, which are supported by the city’s participation in an Urban Enterprise Zone. This initiative reduces sales tax to encourage retail and job growth.

Jersey City Schools

Jersey City Public Schools oversees the public elementary, middle and high schools throughout the city. Many have been nationally recognized for their academic performance, including magnet schools like the Henry Snyder High School Academy of the Arts and the Lincoln High School Academy of Governance and Social Sciences. There are also many different charter and private schools in Jersey City, including parochial, international and art-focused campuses.

Resources for Moving to Jersey City

Here are a few handy resources to make your move to Jersey City as easy as possible:

  • Utilities: Major utilities in Jersey City include Public Service Electric & Gas and Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Trash and recycling collection services are provided to all residential areas of Jersey City.
  • Transportation: Jersey City is a hub for public transportation, and your options include numerous rail, bus, ferry and water taxi routes.

Jersey City Housing

Home prices in Jersey City have increased steadily over recent years, and it’s not unusual to see homes in the million-dollar range in desirable areas like the waterfront. As Jersey City becomes one of the most popular places to live in the New York metro area, demand has reached an impressive high. Luckily, the housing market is large and diverse, so you should be able to find something that fits both your budget and your needs. Apartments, town houses and single-family homes are all spread throughout Jersey City, in a variety of styles and sizes, providing options for all lifestyles.