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About Hoboken

Hoboken is a large and growing city in northeastern New Jersey, and it is considered to be part of the bustling New York metropolitan area. Its Hoboken Terminal serves as a major hub for public transportation throughout the Tri-State area, providing easy access to its neighboring cities. Hoboken is also popularly known as the hometown of famous singer Frank Sinatra, and you can find many streets and parks named after him in the city.

The History of Hoboken

Lenni Lenape Native Americans made the area their home before Henry Hudson and his crew arrived in 1609. Over the next 200 years, numerous other settlers passed through the growing community, and the land changed hands several times before Colonel John Stevens began developing Hoboken as a resort city.

Its location along the waterfront and its close proximity to other major Northeastern cities made Hoboken a prime vacation destination. It became a magnet for wealthy and famous visitors who enjoyed lounging by the water and exploring the area's extensive green space. Industry also developed in this area near the turn of the 19th century. Transportation-related businesses flourished, including those that utilized the waterways and ones that depended on the railroad.

Throughout the early 20th century, Hoboken transitioned from a vacation spot to a city that attracted full-time residents. The immigrant population soared, and people from as far away as Italy and Asia brought with them their own cultural traditions and preferences. Churches, schools, retail centers and other businesses developed around tight-knit neighborhoods in Hoboken.

The arts also flourished throughout this city, attracting songwriters, screenwriters, painters, sculptors and other artistic professionals. Hoboken also served as the home of the first steam-driven locomotive and as the hub of the American railroad system.

Living in Hoboken

You'll never lack for amenities in Hoboken, whether you're looking for grocery stores, parks, fitness centers, restaurants or public transportation. It's also conveniently close to New York City, with less than five miles between their city centers. The low crime rate and highly rated schools attract many young families, while the low unemployment rate and access to big-city jobs bring young professionals to Hoboken.

The city is also known for its numerous community events, which include celebrations of art, culture, food and nature. The Frank Sinatra Idol Contest is a tribute to Hoboken's most famous former resident, while the Hoboken Secret Garden Tour shows off a number of residential gardens. The St. Patrick's Day Parade is just one of several major holiday celebrations that take place in the city alongside regular events such as the Hoboken Farmer's Market.

Hoboken Schools

The Hoboken Public Schools is responsible for the public schools in the city. There are also a few different charter schools, as well as several nationally-recognized private schools.

The Stevens Institute of Technology offers a variety of four-year degrees, split among three main schools and one college: the Charles V. Schaefer Jr. School of Engineering and Science, the School of Business, the College of Arts and Letters and the School of Systems and Enterprises.

Resources for Moving to Hoboken

Here are some useful resources to make your move to Hoboken as easy as possible:

  • Utilities: Public Service Electric & Gas and United Water provide Hoboken's major utility services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: The city provides curbside collection of trash and recyclables. Unlike many other cities, which collect throughout the day, Hoboken operates an overnight collection system.
  • Transportation: Hoboken is among the top cities in the country for public transportation, thanks to an easily-accessible variety of bus, train and light rail lines. Corner Cars is a program that provides cars for rent by the hour, located throughout the city.
  • Parking: If you're planning to park on the street in front of your home, you'll need a residential parking permit. Keep in mind that there's no street parking allowed on street sweeping days.
  • Moving Day: It's important to reserve a parking spot for your moving truck. Purchase meter bags or a temporary "No Parking" sign at city hall.

Hoboken Housing

Although there are plenty of single-family and detached housing options in Hoboken, demand is also high for condos and apartments. New construction is abundant in the uptown district, while historic brownstones are available downtown. As you might expect in a city so close to New York City, homes are very expensive in Hoboken.