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About Howell

Howell is a growing township in New Jersey's Monmouth County, with convenient public transit connections to the nearby metropolitan cities of Newark, Jersey City and New York City. This rapidly-growing community offers numerous golf courses, public green spaces, parks and playgrounds, making it an ideal home for families and those who enjoy the outdoors.

The History of Howell

The township of Howell traces its roots to the ancient Native American tribes who once inhabited this region. Its location near the Manasquan River made it ideal for human habitation, thanks to the potential for nourishment as well as transportation. Early European settlers favored the Howell area for its agricultural prospects as well. The high-quality soil produced reliable crops, which made for a booming economy even in its early years.

The first schoolhouse opened in 1870, followed by churches, stores and a post office. The area proved to be a rich source of iron and other natural resources, which further enhanced the economic value of Howell. The railroad introduced a faster, more convenient way to export resources and consumer goods, and farming provided a common family business well into the 20th century and beyond.

The diversity of backgrounds among Howell residents has made it a unique New Jersey institution since the 1800s. The township is known for the Preventorium, a home for sick children designed to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in the early 1900s. The building was later converted into the still-standing Howell Township Municipal Complex. Many historical buildings still exist in Howell, which makes a drive through this town both interesting and educational.

Living in Howell

Howell consists of eight distinct neighborhoods that offer residential, commercial and industrial properties. Some of the top jobs in Howell consist of sales, administrative and managerial positions. A significant number of residents have advanced degrees, and the income per capita is higher than the national average. Many residents rely on public transportation, especially because it's common to commute to nearby cities for work.

Two popular spots in Howell are the Manasquan Reservoir and Alfred C. Sauer Park at Echo Lake. The reservoir offers a variety of recreational activities, including fishing, jogging, biking, nature walking and bird-watching. At Echo Lake, you can enjoy a scenic picnic pavilion that overlooks the water, a dock for kayaking and fishing and a children's playground.

Howell Schools

The Howell Township Public Schools system is responsible for students in grades K-8, while secondary schools are under the jurisdiction of Freehold Regional High School District. Other public school options include the Monmouth County Vocational School District schools, which offer technical and vocational education. Howell is also home to a few private schools, both secular and faith-based.

Resources for Moving to Howell

Here's some useful information for planning your move to Howell:

  • Utilities: Jersey Central Power & Light is Howell's primary energy provider, while the township oversees its own water and sewer services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: You'll be responsible for making arrangements with a private company for your curbside trash collection. There are several disposal companies in the area, so ask your neighbors which company they recommend.
  • Transportation: Howell is part of the New Jersey Transit network, which operates both bus and rail lines throughout the region.

Howell Housing

Howell's home prices are on the rise, which isn't surprising given the town's rapid growth rate and increasing demand. However, Howell remains fairly affordable for a busy East Coast community, so now could be a good time to make a profitable investment.