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About Morganville

About 40 miles south of New York City, Morganville is a small community in New Jersey's Marlboro Township. Morganville and the surrounding area have a largely suburban identity, with many people who work in the nearby New York City choosing the cozy bedroom community as their home. Morganville attracts new residents with high-performing schools, affordable housing, attractive neighborhoods, many parks and green spaces and a reasonable commute to the New York City area.

The History of Morganville and Marlboro Township

One of the earliest developed areas in the U.S., Marlboro Township became an independent township in 1848 after centuries of change and growth. However, it has a history that can be traced to far earlier than that, as it was home to Native Americans for many years before European settlers ever arrived. The Dutch came in the early 1600s, and England claimed the area by the 1660s. Significant settlement didn't occur until the early 1700s, with the arrival of a group of Quakers led by George Keith.

The community's first major export — marl — was the basis of the township's name. Marl, or marlstone, is a type of mud containing calcium carbonate or lime, and used as a popular soil conditioner during the 1800s. Throughout the 19th century, Marlboro Township revolved largely around the mining and export of marl.

Until the end of World War II, the township functioned mainly as an agricultural community. It was a major producer of dairy, tomatoes and potatoes and was actually the largest potato producer in the U.S. The egg industry grew significantly during the war in response to the demand for eggs to feed soldiers. After the war, the area benefited from an improved transportation infrastructure, and the population grew. During the latter half of the 20th century, the township and its villages (including Morganville) evolved into a bedroom community for New York City.

Jobs in Morganville

Together, Morganville and Monmouth County attract a range of businesses. Health care providers Meridian Health Systems, CentraState Healthcare and Monmouth Medical Center are the county's largest employers, while Monmouth University and grocery retailers Saker Shoprites and Food Circus Supermarkets provide hundreds of local jobs.

Morganville's economy is closely linked with that of Greater New York City. Many Morganville locals make the daily commute to the city for work, made easy by its convenient location and well-developed transportation network.

Morganville Schools

Schools in Morganville are part of Marlboro Township Public Schools. High school students attend either Marlboro High School or Freehold Township High School in the Freehold Regional High School District.

Resources for Moving to Morganville

Here's some helpful information for planning your move to Morganville:

  • Utilities: The Marlboro Township Water Utility Division manages water and sewer services, including billing. Jersey Central Power & Light and New Jersey Natural Gas are the primary energy providers in the area.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Central Jersey Waste & Recycling facilitates trash, recyclables and bulky item collection throughout the township.
  • Transportation: Morganville and Marlboro Township are part of the New Jersey Transit system.

Morganville Housing

If you're looking for the most affordable homes in Morganville, you can find pockets of houses near Forest Green Park Cemetery and Pine Brook Golf Course. Homes with the highest values tend to be on the eastern side.