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Sun Valley

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About Sun Valley

Sun Valley is a largely industrial neighborhood in the East Valley of Los Angeles, California. Compared to other parts of Los Angeles, the cost of living in Sun Valley is relatively low, drawing some families to the area. A short commute is enough to get residents to Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena and other large cities in the area.

Things to Do in Sun Valley

Though Sun Valley has few residential amenities, many old industrial areas are being replaced with parks and open spaces. Local projects like the Sheldon Skate park are a welcome addition to the neighborhood, giving families more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors beyond their own backyards.

There are a handful of local recreation centers that offer plenty for families to enjoy as well. The Sun Valley Recreation Center has a large swimming pool, lighted baseball diamonds and basketball courts, children's play areas and many picnic areas. The Stonehurst Recreation Center and the Fernangeles Recreation Center offer a number of recreational amenities in addition to an indoor gymnasium and large auditorium.

Living in Sun Valley

Although Sun Valley is significantly more expensive than many other small communities in the nation, it's actually an extremely affordable place to live when compared to the rest of Southern California. Home prices hover well below the Los Angeles average, with plenty of options below the California state average as well.

One major plus of living in Sun Valley is the easy accessibility it provides to the major metropolis of Los Angeles. You can quickly reach downtown LA by car or public bus and experience all the big-city amenities you need. Entertainment, shopping and dining are just a short trip away, and you're never far from the Pacific Coast or other scenic areas of Southern California. While you'll be able to enjoy all of the benefits that Los Angeles has to offer, you can go home to a quiet, suburban neighborhood where it costs far less to live than does any downtown apartment.

Sun Valley Schools

Schools in Sun Valley are typically small, managed by the Los Angeles Unified School District. The district offers magnet and charter schools in addition to traditional public schools. There are also several private religious schools in Sun Valley.

Resources for Moving to Sun Valley

Here are a few resources to make your move to Sun Valley a bit easier:

  • Utilities: Sun City's primary utilities provider is the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Republic Waste manages the regular collection of trash and recyclables in the area.
  • Transportation: Sun Valley is part of the larger Los Angeles public transportation network, providing easy access around the metropolitan area. The most popular form of public transit is bus.

Sun Valley Housing

Sun Valley housing is generally more affordable than housing in many other communities in Los Angeles, which often puts properties in high demand. You can expect to pay much more than the national average, but that's to be expected for nearly any large city or community in California.