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About Northridge

Northridge is a thriving neighborhood in north Los Angeles, California. It lies in the northwest part of the San Fernando Valley, at the base of the Santa Susana Mountains. California State University, Northridge, has grown to become one of the largest employers in the area, while Northridge Fashion Center provides jobs, shopping and entertainment for people throughout the entire San Fernando Valley.

The History of Northridge

The history of Northridge dates back thousands of years, when the Gabrielino Indians arrived to drink from the water source at what's now the intersection of Parthenia Street and Reseda Boulevard. Later, Spanish missionaries discovered the watering hole and established missions in the area. They called the area Zelzah, a biblical word for oasis, because underground streams had made its land so fertile. The town grew when the Southern Pacific Railroad established the only Valley station in the area. In 1938, it assumed its current name, Northridge. It became a popular residence for the Hollywood stars of the 1930s and 1940s, who built ranches here to escape the attention of inner-city Los Angeles.

In the late 1950s, Northridge was chosen as a California State University campus site. The establishment and growth of the Power Ranch Estates inspired business activity in Northridge during the mid-1960s. In 1971, Northridge Fashion Center, the largest shopping center in the San Fernando Valley, opened its doors and fueled further growth in the community. Today, it's one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area and is home to many young residents, families and veterans.

Jobs in Northridge

Northridge has one of the highest concentrations of people employed by the manufacturing sector in the United States, with nearly half of its working residents holding jobs in the industry. SHB Instruments, Sun-Tech Innovations, Skycap Industries and Rapid Manufacturing are just some of the manufacturing firms based in Northridge.

Sales and service has the next largest group of jobs in Northridge. This group encompasses everyone from professionals working with major sales accounts to the servers in fast-food restaurants. Executive, managerial and other professional roles make up another large portion of jobs in the city. If you're expecting to start a job search in Northridge, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Plus, because Northridge offers convenient access to downtown Los Angeles, there's a number of industries and companies within easy driving distance.

Northridge Schools

The Los Angeles School District manages the public schools in the Northridge community. You can also choose from Montessori, parochial, arts-focused and Waldorf private schools in the area.

Post-secondary education is easily accessible in the Northridge neighborhood, with the California State University, Northridge, campus offering a variety of degree programs.

Resources for Moving to Northridge

Here are a few handy resources for organizing your move to Northridge:

  • Utilities: The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Southern California Electric and Southern California Gas are the area's major utilities providers.
  • Garbage and Recycling: You can expect regular curbside collection of your trash and recyclables, with your specific location determining your pick-up schedule.
  • Transportation: Northridge is a part of the larger Los Angeles public transportation network, with a number of bus routes providing access to all areas of the city. California State University, Northridge, is also connected to the rest of the community via several transit routes.

Northridge Housing

Northridge has a mix of apartment complexes, high-rise apartments, small single-family homes and larger three- and four-bedroom homes. The majority of Northridge homes have a retro appeal, as they were built between 1940 and 1970. The median home price in Northridge is higher than the Los Angeles average and much more expensive than in many other U.S. neighborhoods.