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About Arleta

Arleta is a friendly community in the San Fernando Valley. It's considered part of Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and it's close to the communities of Mission Hills, North Hills, Sun Valley, Panorama City and Pacoima. Branford Park, with its community room, children's play area and illuminated sport courts, provides a variety of recreational opportunities.

The History of Arleta

In the 1800s, when California was a Mexican territory, immigrants from Mexico, Spain and India arrived and settled in the San Fernando Valley, including in the area now known as Arleta. Over the next two centuries, Arleta grew slowly but steadily. In the 1980s, filmmaker Robert Zemeckis chose Arleta as the neighborhood that Marty McFly, the hero of the "Back to the Future" movie trilogy, called home. Today, the character's home on Roslyndale Avenue is a major tourist attraction for movie buffs.

Living and Working in Arleta

Arleta has experienced modest growth since 2000, as more people discover the appeal of this quiet area and with its affordable rent and good public transportation system. You'll find a number of local amenities, including shopping and dining, in the area. Thanks to its proximity to Greater Los Angeles, you'll also have plenty of big-city entertainment options within an easy drive.

Retail is one of the strongest industries in Arleta. The community is famous as the home of Juicy Couture, a leading fashion label known for its loungewear, fragrances and handbags. There are also a number of stores along Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Woodman Avenue. Firms in the business development services, accounting, legal and logistics sectors add to the diversity of the local economy.

Unemployment in Arleta is below the national average. This is because locals have easy access to jobs no just in their own community but also throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

School District Information

The Los Angeles Unified School District manages the public schools. Though there are no private schools within city limits, you always have the option of transporting your child to other larger cities nearby.

City Resources

Here are a few quick resources for your move to Arleta:

  • Utilities: The L.A. Department of Water and Power is the central utilities provider in Arleta. The utilities program provides several money-saving resources.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Trash, recyclables and organic waste are collected on a regular basis in most areas of the city.
  • Transportation: The Metro Rapid line facilitates the city's public transit, with a central route providing access to different parts of Arleta.

Housing Information

Arleta was at the height of its popularity in the 1960s and '70s, and the architecture and style of its homes reflect those glory days. Many local houses have a retro charm and more affordable price tags than comparable properties in much of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The large ranch-style homes from the 1950s are a popular option for growing families.