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East Hanover

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About East Hanover

East Hanover is a small but thriving township in northern New Jersey. It has become a popular commuter suburb, thanks to its convenient location and public transportation links to nearby cities like New York City.

The History of East Hanover

East Hanover sits on an area of land that the Lenni Lenape Native Americans called home long before settlers discovered it, and they thrived because of the easy access to water and plentiful wildlife. When the Europeans arrived in the late 1600s, they cohabited peacefully with the Native Americans, who eventually surrendered their land to the early settlers in exchange for supplies such as blankets, clothing and weapons.

Named after a region in Germany, East Hanover was once part of Hanover Township. However, it became too large and complex for the local government to handle, so East Hanover split off from the township. It was incorporated as its own town in 1928. Its proximity to both Newark and New York City created the ideal conditions for prosperous development in the mid-20th century.

East Hanover's population was just 600 when it incorporated, but it has grown significantly since then. The most growth occurred between 1950 and 1980, but the population continues to increase to this day.

Living and Working in East Hanover

Many people choose to live in East Hanover because of its low tax rates and small-town charm. It's also home to a vibrant shopping district filled with high-end stores as well as privately owned shops. There are also plenty of chain stores, from Home Depot and Costco to Party City and Best Buy. The town is home to Novartis, a major pharmaceuticals company, and Nabisco, a snack-food manufacturer that was founded in East Hanover in 1898.

Although there are plentiful jobs in East Hanover, a large portion of residents prefer to live in this community and commute to larger cities nearby. New Jersey Transit's Midtown Direct service takes you to New York City in about 55 minutes, while taking the train can cut down your commute to Lower Manhattan to about 20 minutes.

Although East Hanover measures only a little more than 8 square miles, it's divided into several regions. Part of the town is devoted entirely to green space, which provides a place for getting back to nature and enjoying the peace and quiet. There are also residential and industrial areas and a small commercial district.

East Hanover Schools

East Hanover Township School District and Hanover Park Regional High School District manage the public schools of East Hanover. There's also a parochial primary school located in East Hanover, under the management of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson.

Resources for Moving to East Hanover

As you prepare for your move to East Hanover, the following resources might simplify the process:

  • Utilities: The water and sewer utilities in East Hanover fall under the jurisdiction of the township's utilities department. Jersey Central Power & Light is the community's electricity provider.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Three private disposal companies provide trash collection for homes in East Hanover. The township doesn't provide collection services.
  • Transportation: East Hanover is part of the large New Jersey Transit network, which offers easy access to many of the major metropolitan areas in the region.

East Hanover Housing

Because of its popularity as a commuter town and its proximity to New York City, East Hanover can be an expensive place to live. The township's median home price is well above the national average and rising steadily. It's more expensive than many other suburban communities in the area, mainly because it offers many amenities.