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Little Canada

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About Little Canada

Little Canada is a small city in eastern Minnesota, considered one of the inner ring suburbs of the Twin Cities. Although it's just 5 miles from St. Paul and 11 miles from Minneapolis, Little Canada feels very different from those bustling metropolitan cities. The city is known for its friendly, small-town identity that stems from a tight-knit community of locals.

The History of Little Canada

Little Canada earned its name from the French Canadians who settled the area during the mid-1800s. The first schoolhouse taught children in French, and many of those early settlers still have descendants who call the city of Little Canada home. Benjamin Gervais claimed a parcel of land in Little Canada in 1844. The city's lake bears his name.

It wasn't until 1858, however, that Little Canada was designated as a township. It later became a village and then was upgraded to a city. Even today, the city maintains strong ties to its French-Canadian heritage, honoring it with special events and the city's official symbol.

Living in Little Canada

Every year, Little Canada celebrates its heritage with Canadian Days. Held during the summer (usually in July), the festival spans three days and involves games, food, vendor booths and other attractions, all with a Canadian theme. Residents of Little Canada's sister city, Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada, often come to the festival.

You'll also find lots of green spaces to enjoy in Little Canada all year long. You can reserve park shelters for family gatherings and other events or take advantage of several miles of hiking trails. Some of the parks feature playground equipment, sporting fields, ponds, lakes and other amenities.

More than 90 percent of Little Canada residents have earned their high school diploma, and over 30 percent possess bachelor's degrees in their chosen fields. The city has a low unemployment rate compared to the national average and fewer people live below the poverty line than in the United States as a whole. Businesses are attracted to the highly educated workforce despite the city's small size. Plus, commuting to the nearby cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis is easy and provides a wide range of job options.

Little Canada Schools

The schools of Little Canada are part of Roseville Area Schools. In addition to the elementary, middle and high schools in the area, there's also an adult education center.

Resources for Moving to Little Canada

Here are a few handy resources to help you plan your move to Little Canada:

  • Utilities: The city oversees residential water and sewer services. Xcel Energy is the city's gas and electricity supplier.
  • Garbage and Recycling: All single-family homes and duplexes receive trash and recyclables curbside collection services.
  • Transportation: Metro Transit operates a network of bus routes throughout the metro area, including several in Little Canada.

Little Canada Housing

Although Little Canada is a fairly small community, it's still considered a very desirable suburb of the Twin Cities. For that reason, the city's median home price is significantly higher than the national average. You'll have a good range of options, whether you're looking to buy or rent a property in Little Canada.