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About Cicero

One of the oldest cities in Illinois, Cicero is just 10 miles west of Chicago. The town maintains strong connections to the region's past, much of which is evident in its historically named neighborhoods and local landmarks. Cicero is also home to a diverse economy and growing residential base, attracting both businesses and new residents with its proximity to Chicago and the Great Lakes.

The History of Cicero

Shortly after Illinois joined the Union in 1818 and established Cook County in 1831, Cicero was developed in 1849. With strong railroad connections and new growth due to the Civil War and immigration from overseas, Cicero grew rapidly during the town's first two decades.

In 1911, Cicero became home to the Cicero Flying Field, a large aerodrome that served as the first aircraft facility in the area. A number of well-known pilots used the facility during the five short years it was open, including Lincoln Beachey and Chance M. Vought. Cicero is also known for one of its most famous residents, mob leader Al Capone. Capone moved to the town in the 1920s to escape his long rap sheet in the city of Chicago.

For many decades, Cicero was considered a town of primarily Czech immigrants, but the 1980s brought a large influx of Hispanic immigrants that changed much of the community's culture. You can find many unique shops and restaurants along the town's Cermak Road, fueled by the vibrant Hispanic culture.

Jobs in Cicero

Cicero and the greater Chicago metropolitan area are home to several major industries, including trade and transportation, professional and business services, education and health services, and government. If you're looking for a job in the Cicero area, you might want to start your search with the fast-growing industries of constructions, education and health services and professional and business services.

The Breakthru Beverage Group operates facilities in Cicero, providing a number of jobs to the community. Other large employers include the Cicero School District 99 and Morton College as well as the several large retail centers around the town.

Cicero Schools

Elementary and junior high students who live in Cicero attend Cicero School District 99. J. Sterling Morton manages the town's secondary schools. There are also two private parochial schools in the town, both operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.

Morton College is the town's local community college, and the second-oldest community college in Illinois.

Resources for Moving to Cicero

Here are some helpful resources for your move to Cicero:

  • Utilities: The town's water department facilitates water and sewer services. Commonwealth Edison is the community's primary energy provider.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Trash and recyclables are collected curbside in most residential areas of Cicero. You'll receive a free supply of blue bags to use for the disposal of recyclable items.
  • Transportation: The Chicago Transit Authority serves the town of Cicero, managing public transportation in and around the area.

Cicero Housing

Cicero boasts eight neighborhoods, many with lengthy histories. Hawthorne, for instance, bears the name of Cicero's 19th-century quarry, and Grant Works is named for the town's locomotive manufacturer. Warren Park and Drexel are named for two of the town's most well-known landowners, while Morton Park honors a prominent politician. Most neighborhoods are concentrated on the west side of Highway 50, though a handful of Cicero residents live on the highway's east side.

The median home price in Cicero is slightly lower than the national and Chicago metro averages. The town is fairly balanced in terms of owner-occupied homes and rental properties, so you'll have a range of options no matter your plan.