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Harwood Heights

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About Harwood Heights

Harwood Heights is a small village in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Just 20 minutes from downtown, it's a prime choice for families who want to enjoy the conveniences of city life from a quaint suburb. Its parks, youth commission and community resources make it a comfortable and enjoyable place to call home.

The History of Harwood Heights

During the early years of European settlement in the country, Harwood Heights remained largely populated by Native Americans. The prairie grass, wild-flowers, natural water sources and distant mountain ridges were a scenic setting for the camps of the Potawatomi Indians for many years. In the early 1800s, Alexander Robinson brought his family to settle in the area, returning after a few years of conflict brought about by the establishment of a U.S. fort and the War of 1812. Once relative peace returned to the area, traders and soldiers began to arrive as well. Eventually, Robinson was given a large parcel of land for helping negotiate with the local Native Americans, much of which is now a part of the preserved Che-Che-Pin-Qua Woods.

Development continued through the 1800s, with Cook County formed in 1831 and many nearby communities incorporated over the next several decades. Progress swept the community, as a number of farm-houses were constructed to take advantage of the fertile land. In 1908, a nine-hole golf course was established, evolving into the Ridgemoor Country Club by 1914.

Schools, businesses and more homes rose up from the land. In 1947, Harwood Heights received its official village charter. Through the middle of the 20th century, the community grew rapidly, serving as a popular suburb for the many people looking to leave the city of Chicago.

Living in Harwood Heights

If you're looking for an alternative to the hectic pace of the big city, Harwood Heights offers a cozy, small-town way of life. Residents enjoy charming amenities like the Village Helper Bus, a free community transit system that offers easy access to the most popular spots around town. While staples like fast food and pizza restaurants have their presence in the village, Harwood Heights also boasts several Polish and Italian restaurants that pay homage to the city's diversity.

If you have children, your family will enjoy the parks system in Harwood Heights. A Tot Park and St. Rosalie's Kiddie Park offer ample space for the smallest residents to play. The Northridge Park District offers baseball diamonds, swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and a fitness center, so locals and visitors of all ages can find recreational activities to enjoy.

Harwood Heights Schools

Schools in Harwood Heights can fall into several districts. Elementary schools are within Pennoyer District 79, Giles District 80 and Union Ridge District 86. High school students fall into Main South District 207 or Ridgewood District 234. For continuing education, residents have easy access to Triton Junior College in District 504.

Resources for Moving to Harwood Heights

As you prepare for your move to Harwood Heights, here's some helpful information:

  • Utilities: The village's public works department manages water and sewer services. Commonwealth Edison is the area's primary energy provider.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Harwood Heights offers curbside trash and recyclables collection. Both garbage and recycling must be placed in village-issued bins.
  • Transportation: In addition to the free village shuttle, the Chicago Transit Authority operates several routes through Harwood Heights.
  • Personal Vehicles: You must purchase a valid sticker for your car, which must be renewed every May.
  • Pets: Pets require a proper license, and each household is limited to a maximum of three pets.
  • Village Handyman: A part-time handyman is available in Harwood Heights to help elderly or disabled residents with basic tasks like changing light bulbs or minor caulking

Harwood Heights Housing

Harwood Heights covers a very small area of land, so housing options can be limited. However, the homes that are available for sale can stretch over a wide range of sizes, styles and price points, so there are options for everyone. There are also a variety of rental options, ranging from compact apartments to single-family homes.