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About Stafford

Stafford, or Stafford Courthouse as it's officially called, is a booming area in Virginia's Stafford County. It's conveniently situated on Interstate 95 and U.S. Route 1, approximately 25 miles south of the Washington, D.C., beltway and 50 miles north of the state capital, Richmond.

The History of Stafford

Stafford has a long and rich history that dates back to the prehistoric era. The Sauroposeidon, Virginia's longest dinosaur, roamed the area millions of years ago. Later, Patawomeck and Manahoac natives called the area home. During the colonial period, Great Britain relied on Stafford's flour mills, fisheries, iron works and tobacco plantations in its trade. George Washington was one of Stafford's most prominent early residents. His family moved to the area when he was a boy, and he lived at Ferry Farm (where he famously cut the fabled cherry tree), until he was 19 years old.

Stafford has grown substantially since its founding. With major roads passing through the area, and improvements to existing infrastructure planned, Stafford continues to attract new residents and businesses.

Jobs in Stafford

Stafford has a number of key businesses that provide local jobs, including the Ford T. Humphrey Public Safety building, the Stafford Hospital Center and the Stafford Courthouse. In addition, Stafford features a diverse mix of office buildings and retail outlets. The unemployment rate in the community is lower than the national average, and job growth is predicted to outpace that of many other cities around the U.S.

Stafford Schools

Stafford County Public Schools oversees the public schools in communities throughout Stafford County. You can also enroll your child in one of the area's private schools, which include both faith-based and secular campuses.

Resources for Moving to Stafford

If you're planning a move to Stafford, the following information will be useful:

  • Utilities: Major energy providers in Stafford include Dominion Power, Northern Virginia Electric Company and Rappahannock Electric Co. Other utilities providers in Stafford include Columbia Gas of Virginia and the Stafford Department of Utilities.
  • Garbage and Recycling: You're responsible for making your own arrangements for trash and recycling collection.
  • Transportation: There are several transportation options throughout Stafford County, including the Fredericksburg Regional Transit bus service and the Virginia Railway Express.

Stafford Housing

Home prices in Stafford are typically higher than the national average, due in part to the community's convenient location. A large percentage of homes were built after the year 2000, so you'll have plenty of modern, updated options. There are also plenty of rental properties, including apartments, town houses and single-family homes.