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About Burke

Burke is a large community in Virginia's Fairfax County. Situated in a scenic location along the Potomac River, it draws people with its convenient location in Washington, D. C.,metropolitan area. Burke is also attractive to residents because of its strong economy, with a low unemployment rate and highly favorable job growth.

The History of Burke

Named after Silas Burke, a 19th-century local politician, farmer and merchant, Burke was primarily a rural area until the mid-1900s. The Orange and Alexandria Railroad came through the area in the 1840s and included a stop called Burke's Station, in honor of Burke and his donation of right-of-way through his land. The railroad stop fueled the growth and development of a surrounding community.

During the Civil War, Burke's Station was taken over by Union troops, who gathered supplies and used the local telegraph lines to send military messages. After the war, the community returned to its quiet way of life. Henry C. Copperthite was a very successful businessman of the early 1900s and, after the government, the largest employer in the region. He elected to shorten the post office's name to Burke, and the name stuck. The community evolved into a summer vacation spot, earning favor for its pleasant weather and its Copperthite RaceTrack.

After World War I, Burke began to evolve into a commuter suburb for people who worked in nearby D.C. Large subdivisions and residential developments were constructed through the middle and latter half of the 20th century, and the city became a densely-populated city suburb.

Working in Burke

Many business sectors are located in Burke, including professional, scientific and technical services; public administration; and educational services. The most common jobs in the area are in management, computer and mathematical programming roles, as well as business and financial operations.

Burke's low unemployment rate is directly connected to its convenient location. You can commute to Washington, D.C., in under an hour via personal car or public transportation, opening up a large and thriving job market.

Burke Schools

The schools in the town of Burke belong to the Fairfax County Public Schools district. The district offers advanced academic and enrichment programs, as well as athletics, sports and student activities. You can also find some private preschools and primary and secondary schools in the area.

Resources for Moving to Burke

Here are a few helpful resources for planning your move to Burke:

  • Utilities: Burke's main utilities providers are Dominion Energy, Washington Gas and Fairfax Water.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Most residential areas of Burke receive trash and recycling collection.
  • Transportation: Both the MetroBus and Virginia Railway Express provide public transit in Burke.

Burke Housing

Home prices in Burke are very high, but on par with most suburban communities in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Many of the homes are designed in the traditional colonial style, featuring mature shade trees and grassy lots. You can also find many townhomes and apartments in Burke, providing plenty of options for rent.