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About Geneva

Geneva is a growing city in Illinois' Kane County, nestled on the western side of Chicago's suburbs. It's evolved into a popular tourist destination thanks to its many amenities and small-town atmosphere as well as its several community events.

The History of Geneva

Native Americans were the first to settle the land where Geneva is now located. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, settlers from New England moved to Geneva and made it their own. As a result, the area's architecture reflects New England ideals, ranging from decorative Victorian manors to practical Cape Cod bungalows. The city earned incorporation in 1867 and quickly flourished because of its location on the Fox River. Local industry centered on the production of cheese, butter, packed meat and milled grains. The 1853 arrival of the railroad fueled the demand for goods, bolstering the city's economy and providing opportunity to expand and develop the city.

Over the years, Geneva became a cozy suburban community with a rich business district and plenty of community spirit. The 1990s introduced an industrial park to the area, which has fueled significant growth in both the economy and population.

Living in Geneva

You'll never lack for amenities in Geneva, whether you're looking for grocery stores, coffee shops, fitness centers or large retail shops. There's also a balance of small, artisan boutiques and family-owned restaurants, providing interesting, local places to spend your time. Low crime rates make Geneva a safe place to live, especially when compared with nearby Chicago. You can enjoy the safety and security of Geneva and easily travel into Chicago if you want to take advantage of big-city entertainment.

The city's parks and recreation department operates more than 30 parks within city limits, as well as a few different fitness and recreation centers. Children's playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails and sports fields are just a few of the features you can enjoy in the different parks and recreational centers.

Geneva Schools

Geneva School District 304 manages the public schools of the city, most of which are highly-rated for academic achievement. You can also enroll your child in one of several private schools in Geneva, including both parochial and secular schools.

Resources for Moving to Geneva

To help you plan your move to Geneva, here are a few handy resources:

  • Utilities: The city of Geneva manages electricity, water and sewer services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Geneva's trash disposal system is sticker-based, meaning you'll need to purchase a supply of stickers to label trash for collection. Stickers are not required for recyclables collection.
  • Transportation: The Pace Bus operates several routes in and around Geneva.

Geneva Housing

The median home price in Geneva is fairly even with the Chicago metro area but quite a bit higher than national averages. Prices are expected to continue on an upward trend, especially as Geneva becomes a more popular choice for people looking to relocate.