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About Winfield

The village of Winfield is a small but growing community in Illinois' DuPage County. It's rated as one of the safest communities in the state, making it a popular home base for many young families. Winfield is rich with opportunities to explore the local history, enjoy the scenic outdoors, and take advantage of shopping, dining, parks and recreation.

The History of Winfield

The village of Winfield is noted for its bustling businesses and quiet suburban life, but the town didn't always enjoy this kind of convenience. Until the 1920s, Winfield stood in the shadow of larger neighboring cities like West Chicago and was primarily home to hardworking, German-speaking farmers. It wasn't until the addition of toll roads after 1960 that the village experienced any sort of significant suburban growth.

Living and Working in Winfield

With easy access to Chicago, Winfield provides ample job opportunities for those willing to commute. If you prefer to stay in the area for work, major employers in DuPage County include McDonald's, Navistar International Corp., Dover Corp. and HUB Group Inc.

In addition to a healthy job market, Winfield offers diverse cultural activities, community groups, golf courses, public gardens, and family-friendly attractions that make it a great place to live and work. Despite its small size, the village offers plenty of things to do and explore.

Winfield was named in honor of General Winfield Scott, the longest-serving active duty general in American history, and there are many sites of historical significance located around the village. This has made Winfield a great attraction for history buffs. The Museums at Cantigny Park, for example, preserve a variety of stories from American military history. If you're interested in exploring the scenic areas of Winfield, the West Branch DuPage River Trail is a 3-mile trail that connects the downtown area with the local forest preserve.

The town center continues to evolve, encouraging new business growth and opportunities for local services, retailers and offices, resulting in a high quality of life for all residents. It's a unique community that offers the advantages of small-town charm, convenience, one of the lowest crime rates in DuPage County and beautiful natural surroundings.

Winfield Schools

Illinois provides parents with an intra-district choice, meaning that children can attend any school within the district. The schools in Winfield fall under the jurisdiction of a few districts, including Winfield Public School District 34, West Chicago School District 33 and Community Unit School District 200. Private school options are somewhat limited because of the village's small size, but there is one parochial campus within the town's limits.

Resources for Moving to Winfield

As you prepare for your move to Winfield, here are a few helpful resources to simplify the process:

  • Utilities: One of the major electricity providers in the area is Commonwealth Edison. The village manages water and sewer services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: You can choose to purchase stickers to label your trash and recyclables bags, or pay a flat fee for disposal services.
  • Transportation: Many commuters utilize the Metra rail line, which makes it easy to and from the surrounding areas.

Winfield Housing

Because it's such a small village, covering just over 3 square miles, Winfield has a somewhat limited housing market. The median home price in Winfield is also slightly higher than the Chicago metro area averages. However, with a relatively varied collection of both rentals and homes for sale, you'll be able to find something that works for you.