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About Augusta

Augusta is a bustling city located on the Savannah River and one of the most populous cities in the state. For some time, Augusta was the state's capital until that title was transferred to Savannah and then eventually Atlanta.

The city enjoys a rich cultural heritage that's reflected in its diverse population and community events. Cultural and arts festivals take place throughout the year, and several community centers provide gathering spaces for locals. Event venues like the James Brown Arena make entertainment readily accessible, and Augusta is world-renowned for its golf courses and its tradition of hosting the Masters Golf Tournament.

The History of Augusta

The British first settled Augusta in 1736, but the area was occupied by Native American tribes long before that. It was a popular spot because of its location on the fall line, which made an easy place to cross the wide Savannah River. Augusta's residents fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and it served as a major venue for the cotton trade, thanks to the Augusta Canal. During the 20th century, the city became an important place for civil rights demonstrations, with tensions eventually relieved by musician James Brown.

Between 1990 and 2000, Augusta's population exploded, nearly quadrupling in the span of a decade. This growth propelled the city into the bustling metropolis that it is today.

Living in Augusta

Augusta is often labeled one of the most livable cities in the country, partly due to its beautiful weather. You'll find plenty of sunshine in this Southern city, which means excellent opportunities for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. The Riverwalk Augusta is just one of the city's spaces that takes advantage of its pleasant climate, providing a scenic walk alongside the Savannah River. At the Riverwalk, you can also stop to visit Fort Discovery and the Morris Museum of Art.

Although public transit is somewhat lacking in Augusta, the city offers a variety of amenities distributed throughout the area to keep you comfortable and entertained. There's a large number of grocery stores, restaurants and retail venues everywhere you turn, and you can also enjoy a wide selection of gyms, libraries, coffee shops and green spaces.

Augusta Neighborhoods

Here are a few of the great neighborhoods Augusta has to offer:

Downtown Historic District

The Downtown Historic District includes Augusta's pre-Civil War area as well as many of its oldest buildings and landmarks. Here, you can explore President Woodrow Wilson's childhood home and the Academy of Richmond County, built in 1783 and the oldest educational school in the state.

Goodale Landing

Goodale Landing is a small riverfront community that covers just 12 acres. The community's homes are all three stories tall with scenic views of the river, park-like surroundings and private docks.


Laney-Walker got its start during the early 1800s, when the Georgia Railroad and the Augusta Canal came to the area. For decades, it was one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city, and it is the site of major revitalization today.

Broad Street Historic District

Another one of Augusta's several historic districts, the Broad Street area is home to a handful of arts and culture buildings important to the city's history. The Imperial Theater is one of the community's landmarks, built in 1917 and host to vaudeville acts and Charlie Chaplin.

Schools in Augusta

The Richmond County School District manages the public elementary, middle and high schools, counting some of the state's oldest schools on its roster. The district also offers a handful of magnet schools, providing specialized study tracks in fine arts, science and engineering. You'll find a number of private schools in the city, most of them faith-based.

If you're planning to pursue higher education in Augusta, you can choose from several schools. Augusta University is one of the largest campuses in the area, offering public education in a range of degree programs.

Resources for Moving to Augusta

Here is a quick resource guide to help make your move to Augusta as easy as possible:

  • Utilities: Georgia Power provides all electricity services to the area. The city manages water and sewer services and also offers online service set-up and bill pay.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Trash, recyclables, yard waste and bulky items are collected curbside once a week. Your service day will depend on your specific location.
  • Transportation: A fixed bus route service provides public transportation in and around Augusta. The city also facilitates para transit.

Augusta Housing

Although Augusta home prices are on the rise, the city still offers a range of affordable options. The median home and rent prices in Augusta are lower than the national average, so you'll be able to find something to fit your budget. Whether you're looking for a large, single-family home or a compact studio apartment, there are plenty of choices.