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About Plantation

Plantation is a mid-size city in southeastern Florida, bordered by the large city of Fort Lauderdale to the east. The city's motto is "The Grass is Greener," exemplified by a unique design that embraces the natural scenery and lush greenery of Florida. Plantation is known for its small-town feel despite its growing population, as well as a healthy local economy strengthened by industry and big business.

The History of Plantation

Like many cities in South Florida, Plantation got its start thanks to the beautiful local weather. The city's founder, Frederick Peters, got tired of freezing through Midwest winters back in 1931 and relocated his family to the area. Peters bought around 10,000 acres and hired an architect to create an ambitious city plan.

He took a specific approach to creating a unique community by setting minimum lot-size restrictions and requiring every home to look different from its neighbors. Similarly, he insisted that the city design include distinct districts for industrial, residential and commercial activity. His vision divided the residential sector into one-acre parcels of land that were designed to host fruit trees and gardens. He saw a future in which Plantation residents would harvest fruits and vegetables on their own property and contribute them to a local co-op-governed farmers market.

Plantation didn't incorporate until 1953, at which point fewer than 500 people called it home. The city grew organically, developing infrastructure and businesses as the population swelled. It later annexed neighboring land to expand Plantation's footprint, and Peters' vision was fulfilled as the city devoted an increasing amount of land to public parks.

Living in Plantation

You won't find many Florida cities more livable than Plantation. It boasts the Sunshine State's beautiful weather and abundant sunshine, but it also offers other key advantages. You'll have access to plentiful amenities, from supermarkets and fine dining establishments to public green spaces and fitness centers.

In some ways, Plantation is an expensive city, with housing, transportation and groceries costing more than the national average. However, health care and utilities are quite affordable, which can offset some of the more costly aspects of life in Plantation. Crime rates are also extremely low, which makes the city popular with young families.

The unemployment rate here is better than both the state and national averages. There are several well-established businesses that provide a variety of jobs in the city, including the world headquarters for DHL Express.

Plantation Schools

Broward County Schools operates the public schools of Plantation, including elementary, middle and high school campuses. If you're considering private school for your child, you'll find a number of options to choose from.

Resources for Moving to Plantation

Here's some helpful information to simplify your move to Plantation:

  • Utilities: The city of Plantation oversees distribution and billing of water services. The city's primary electricity provider is Florida Power & Light.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Unlike many cities that utilize residential trash bins and charge a monthly fee, the city of Plantation sells specific waste disposal bags at local grocery and big-box stores. The cost of the bags combined with a small fee on your monthly utility bill funds collection and disposal services. The system is called "Pay As You Throw," or PAYT.
  • Transportation: Broward County Transit provides a public transportation network throughout Plantation as well as neighboring cities. You can also easily access connection points for the Palm Beach and Miami-Dade county transit systems.

Plantation Housing

Although the average housing prices in Plantation are lower than the Miami metro averages, they are still considerably higher than national averages. You'll find that a home in Plantation costs significantly more than many cities in the country, but that's partly due to its proximity to the ocean. Rent is also higher than national averages.