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Red Bank

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About Red Bank

Red Bank is a Tennessee enclave city, meaning it's a community completely surrounded by the city of Chattanooga. As a result, Red Bank receives much of its influence from the larger neighboring city. As a resident of Red Bank, you can enjoy the benefits of being close to both a large city and pristine wilderness. It's also a very affordable place to live, which has been a factor in attracting new residents to the community.

The History of Red Bank

In the mid-1800s, the flow of settlers to Chattanooga spawned Red Bank. However, it was far enough away from the city center at the time to develop its own identity. Originally named Pleasant Hill, the city had to change its name when it requested a post office, as another town in Tennessee was already named Pleasant Hill. The wife of the postmaster came up with the name of Red Bank, as a nod to the color of the soil on the banks of the Tennessee River, which she could see from a window in her home. Some time after the naming of the town, Red Bank was an important stop for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

In the mid-20th century, Red Bank and the neighboring community of White Oak incorporated together, taking the name Red Bank-White Oak. Within a few years, locals elected to drop the "White Oak" from the name for simplicity's sake.

Living and Working in Red Bank

Red Bank's location makes it a prime place for both work and play. Within its borders, Red Bank has over 350 small businesses, health care providers, retail centers, fine dining options and easy access to domestic travel lines. It also has several parks and a recreation center, which makes it ideal for families with children. The nearby Tennessee Waterfront development is a popular destination, featuring a large aquarium and several museums.

One of Red Bank's best qualities is an unemployment rate well below the national average. Many residents work in neighboring Chattanooga, with a commute time averaging just over 15 minutes. This short trip to work makes Red Bank an ideal location to establish a home base, especially if the downtown area of Chattanooga proves too hectic for your liking. Red Bank and surrounding Hamilton County have many industries in which you can find a job. The top employers in the area include the Hamilton County Department of Education, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Red Bank Schools

Red Bank is part of Hamilton County Schools, which administers education to the entirety of Hamilton County. You can also consider one of the several private schools in the greater Chattanooga area.

Resources for Moving to Red Bank

Here's some helpful information to make your move to Red Bank as hassle-free as possible:

  • Utilities: Major utilities providers in Red Bank include the Electric Power Board, Tennessee American Water and Chattanooga Gas.
  • Garbage and Recycling: The Red Bank public works department oversees collection of trash, recycling, yard waste and bulky items.
  • Transportation: Red Bank is part of the CARTA bus system, which provides transportation services all over the Chattanooga metro area.

Red Bank Housing

Although the cost of housing in Tennessee is substantially lower than the national average, Red Bank's housing market is even more affordable than the statewide average. You'll find an even mix of rental properties and homes for sale, so there are plenty of options whether you prefer to buy or rent. As the community expands, new construction homes have been springing up in many areas. You can expect to pay significantly higher prices for a brand-new home in one of these neighborhoods, but the benefit is being able to customize the home to your liking.