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About Hyattsville

Hyattsville is a cozy suburb of Washington, D.C., that has several attractive features for people who want to live in a suburban area without losing access to the benefits of a large city. For many people, the suburb offers an affordable alternative to D.C., which is notoriously expensive.

The History of Hyattsville

Like most areas of the nation, the land where Hyattsville now sits was originally home to Native Americans. Archaeologists have found evidence of life dating back several thousand years, strongly suggesting that Hyattsville has a long and storied history. In the 1700s, the first European settlers purchased land in the area, and the the first stagecoach and postal service routes were established by the 1780s. Tobacco became a major cornerstone in the local economy, and the community flourished with the construction of the turnpike and local railroads.

After the Civil War, Hyattsville became a popular vacation destination. The city's railroad made it easy for visitors to come and go, and many East Coast elite built summer homes in the town. Hyattsville began growing at an accelerating speed. It was officially incorporated in 1886 and became one of the largest cities in the county.

Living in Hyattsville

The Hyattsville motto "A world within walking distance," perfectly describes the pedestrian-friendly nature of the town. Since the area has a reliable public transit system, it's easy to get around without a car. Whether you just need to go across town or you want to visit another city in the region, various options will take you there without forcing you to put up with the metro area's heavy traffic.

Hyattsville has several neighborhoods that attract diverse types of people. For example, the Arts District that runs along Route 1 provides attractive townhouses and condos and a creative vibe. This development offers mixed-use spaces where people can live and work in the same building. Given this feature, it's not surprising that the area has also attracted a lot of unique stores and restaurants. West Hyattsville offers a different feel. It has a more suburban style that tends to sprawl in all directions. The area has attracted a sizable Latino population, which has helped bring in a number of Latino restaurants and a vibrant culture.

You'll find plenty of every-day amenities dotted throughout most of Hyattsville's neighborhoods, so you'll never have to go far for a grocery store, coffee shop or gym. A number of local parks provide relaxing green space and recreational opportunities, including playgrounds, sports fields, a duck pond and more.

Hyattsville Schools

Prince George's County Public Schools provides services to Hyattsville schools. In addition to eight public schools, PGCPS also operates a charter school. Most of the private schools in the city are parochial campuses, though there are other options in neighboring communities.

Resources for Moving to Hyattsville

Here's some helpful information to make your move to Hyattsville as simple as possible:

  • Utilities: PEPCO and Washington Gas are the primary energy providers in the Hyattsville area. The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission manages water and sewer services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Trash and recyclables are collected on a weekly basis. You can take advantage of free compost bins provided by the city.
  • Transportation: In Hyattsville you have access to a number of convenient transportation options, including the Metro, the bus and UMD Shuttle 133. The MARC commuter rail service also has a nearby station.

Hyattsville Housing

If you are moving to Hyattsville from outside the region, you might find that housing costs are higher than you are used to. But within the region, Hyattsville is actually considered very affordable. Hyattsville's median home price is lower than Maryland's average, and is also significantly cheaper than living in Washington, D.C.