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About Forestville

Forestville is a small community in central Maryland, only about 8.5 miles from the bustling national capital of Washington, D.C. It covers just 4 square miles, but offers plenty of everyday amenities for your convenience.

The History of Forestville

While little is known about the early beginnings of Forestville as a recognized community, one of the first and most important institutions in the town was the Alms House on D'Arcy Road, established in 1772. The Forestville area was a small farming community inhabited by a number of families throughout the years.

The community was originally called Old Long Fields and hosted American forces during the War of 1812. The well-known Battle of Bladensburg took place in the area as well. Sometime after the Civil War ended, Old Long Fields was renamed Forestville.

Living in Forestville

If you're looking for a small-town feel but still want access to a variety of amenities, Forestville has what you're looking for. The town has a health and rehabilitation center, with a number of other medical centers within a 5-mile radius. In addition, there are seven colleges and universities within a 10-mile radius, making it easy to further your education. Everyday necessities like grocery stores, fitness centers and convenience stores are close to residential areas of the town.

If you can't find what you're looking for within Forestville, you can always make the easy trip to Washington, D.C., to access big-city amenities like shopping, dining and entertainment.

Forestville Schools

Prince George's Public Schools District is responsible for the public schools in Forestville. The schools offer dual enrollment, international baccalaureate programs, and career and technology education.

Resources for Moving to Forestville

As you prepare to move to Forestville, the following information will be helpful:

  • Utilities: The area's major energy provider is PEPCO, while the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission oversees water and sewer services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: In many areas of Forestville, you can expect regular trash and recyclables collection.
  • Transportation: Public transit is a popular mode of transportation in Forestville, with many locals using it to make their commute easy and convenient.

Forestville Housing

Considering its close proximity to D.C., Forestville is actually fairly affordable. Prices tend to be higher than national averages, but comparatively budget-friendly for the D.C. metro area. Because Forestville is a fairly small community, housing options are somewhat limited.