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About Colton

Colton is in San Bernardino County, California, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles. It's earned the nickname "Hub City," because it's home to one of the nation's busiest railroad crossings. Colton has a growing, diverse population drawn to its local amenities and tight-knit community.

The History of Colton

Colton has been an important regional destination for over 300 years, and it was a home to several Native American tribes before that. In the town's early development, it was a stopover for Mexican explorers heading to Monterey, and eventually it was part of two private ranches. In the 1800s, it began to develop into a permanent settlement.

Early settlers used Colton as farm and ranch lands because the weather made citrus orchards thrive. When tracks for the Southern Pacific Railroad were laid through Colton, the farmers suddenly had an easier way to move their products to consumers. The railroad also provided a starting point for city designers to build streets in a grid pattern, which is still noticeable in the downtown.

Today, there are still some orchard groves in Colton, but much of the land near the railroad tracks has been converted into factories. Since the train still runs through Colton, companies use it to continue moving products around the country.

Jobs in Colton

Colton has an unemployment rate that's significantly higher than the national rate, which could make finding a job somewhat challenging. However, recent job growth in Colton is on an upward trend, so there is a chance that the unemployment rate will fall in the near future.

A few of the city's largest employers include Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Ashley Furniture Industries, CSM Bakery Products and the local school district.

Colton Schools

The Colton Joint Unified School District manages the public schools. In addition to serving elementary, middle and high schools, the district provides services for early childhood education, independent study and home schooling.

Resources for Moving to Colton

Here are a few quick resources to help you plan your move to Colton:

  • Utilities: Colton Electric Utility is the city's main power supplier, while the city manages local water services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: You can expect regular curbside collection of trash, recyclables and yard waste in most residential areas of Colton.
  • Transportation: OmniTrans provides public transportation in and around the city.

Colton Housing

Residential real estate in Colton mostly consists of single-family homes. Ranch-style homes are popular, but there is plenty of diversity for new residents to find buildings that match their preferences. Houses in Colton are often cheaper than in other parts of California, but prices still are higher than the national average.