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No matter what your commercial storage needs are, we have a solution that fits them.

Small Business Storage

Whether you’re putting away seasonal materials or decluttering your workspace for some extra room, our small business storage units are great for storing boxes and small furniture pieces.

Medium Business Storage

Inventory, equipment or other materials taking up too much of your space? Rely on our medium business storage units to store your things when they’re not being used.

Large Business Storage

When you need to get those bigger office furniture pieces or equipment out of the way, our large commercial storage units make it easy to store and access these items at your convenience.

The Public Storage App

The Ultimate Tool for Contactless Storage

Access Your Inventory

Open gates, doors and elevators with a simple tap of your phone to pick up or drop off items with ease.

Make Payments

Conveniently pay your bill and get notified when next month’s rent is due to avoid pesky late fees.

Manage Your Space

Give designated users access to your unit and easily review access history records to stay on top of things.

Business Industries We Serve

Our commercial storage units service businesses across a variety of industries.Contact us and we’ll help you find a storage solution best suited to your business needs.

Storage Unit Size Guide

Choosing the size of your commercial vehicle storage space can be tricky. We’re here to help make it easier. For specific details on what can be kept in vehicle storage, check your rental agreement.


Company Car Storage Options

Our 20-foot covered, uncovered and enclosed vehicle storage spaces provide more than enough room for most standard company cars, SUVs and work trucks.

Cargo Van Storage Options

Our 35-foot covered and uncovered parking spots offer plenty of space for delivery vans, cutaway vans and other common commercial vans.

Oversized Vehicle Storage Options

Our 50-foot covered and uncovered parking spaces are perfect for equipment trailers, flatbed trucks and box trucks.

Just think of us as an extension of your business.

With more locations nationwide than any other self-storage company, we’re always just around the corner, including these near your business:

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Business Vehicle Storage FAQs

Get quick answers to your vehicle storage questions below! For specific details on what can be kept in vehicle storage, check your rental agreement.

What vehicle storage options does Public Storage have?

We offer an assortment of storage options for business vehicles, including 20-foot, 35-foot and 50-foot spaces. Covered storage spots are outdoors but with canopies to block out the sun. Uncovered storage includes your typical open-air parking spots in fenced-in lots. Our enclosed spaces are ground-level storage units located indoors. Availability of certain unit sizes and types varies by facility. To find the right storage solution for your business vehicle, contact your local Public Storage or search and filter by Vehicle Units.


Do you offer short-term business vehicle storage?

Yes, our commercial vehicle storage rental agreements are month-to-month, so you can stay for as short a time or as long as you need. If you need to change your space’s type, size or location, that’s easy to adjust as well.


How can I prepare my business vehicle for long-term storage?

If you find yourself needing to store a single commercial vehicle or a whole fleet for a longer period of time without frequent use, there are a few maintenance considerations that can help preserve vehicle quality:

  • Clean your vehicle - Wash it, apply a fresh coat of wax and vacuum the inside.
  • Buy a vehicle cover - Especially if you’re storing in an uncovered spot, a cover will help protect it from sun damage.
  • Disconnect the battery - This will ensure nothing in the vehicle accidentally drains it.
  • Check in on all fluids - Change the oil, replenish engine coolant and be sure the gas tank is only ¼ full.
  • Keep your insurance - We require all items stored with us to be insured, and this includes your business vehicle.

  • Q.

    Can I store multiple business vehicles together?

    You can store multiple vehicles in a single Public Storage facility, availability permitting, however, there cannot be more than one vehicle occupying a parking spot or enclosed unit. Additionally, there is no guarantee that your spaces will be next to each other. For more information about storing multiple business vehicles, contact your facility’s manager.


    Can I repair my vehicle in the storage unit?

    Because we strive to maintain a clean, welcoming environment for all customers, we do not permit vehicle repairs in our storage spaces. Vehicle work or maintenance can lead to potential issues with oil and fluid disposal that may become hazardous. Additionally, any noise, smoke and fumes that result from maintenance work can be a nuisance to other renters. As with all our spaces, check your vehicle addendum regarding the rules on vehicle storage.


    What’s the difference between covered and enclosed vehicle storage?

    Covered vehicle storage spaces are outdoor parking spots featuring canopies for sun protection, whereas enclosed vehicle storage spaces are indoor storage units located on the first floor of a facility for easy vehicle drop-off and retrieval. We recommend enclosed units for long-term storage of company cars, SUVs and work trucks to best protect from weather-related damage.

    Vehicle Storage Unit Size Guide

    This size guide will help you learn what you can store inside a vehicle storage unit. Spaces can hold anywhere from 20 foot to 50 foot long vehicles. That includes everything from a personal vehicle to boats or even commercial vehicles for your business

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