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Why Public Storage?

Trusted Nationwide Since 1972

We’ve been helping businesses large and small store their stuff for years. With thousands of locations coast to coast, there’s sure to be a Public Storage near you.

Electronic Access

With the Public Storage app, managing access, payments and accounts has never been easier.

Indoor Storage

Our climate-controlled units help protect your business supplies from extreme heat and cold.

Multiple Unit Sizes

Whether you're a team of one or one hundred, we've got units to fit your business needs.

The Public Storage App

The Ultimate Tool for Contactless Storage

Access Your Inventory

Open gates, doors and elevators with a simple tap of your phone to pick up or drop off items with ease.

Make Payments

Conveniently pay your bill and get notified when next month’s rent is due to avoid pesky late fees.

Manage Your Space

Give designated users access to your unit and easily review access history records to stay on top of things.

Just think of us as an extension of your business.

With more locations nationwide than any other self-storage company, we’re always right around the corner:

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Retail Inventory Storage FAQs

Find answers to your retail inventory storage questions below! For specific details on what can be kept in your storage unit, check your rental agreement.

Can I keep inventory in a storage unit?

Yes! In addition to storing your business’s inventory and supplies, you can also use your unit to conduct inventory counts. You cannot, however, receive deliveries at your unit or use it as the physical address of your business.


What is the best way to organize inventory in storage?

To keep your inventory in order, you can add shelves, bins or other organization tools to your storage unit. Be sure to label boxes, bins and containers with what’s inside for easy identification, and place popular or best-selling items closer to the front of your unit, since you’ll likely be retrieving these often. Lastly, keep a digital list of everything in the unit so you always know exactly what you have in storage.


Will my clothing inventory get ruined in a storage unit?

Whether you’re storing clothing inventory for a long or short period of time, there are some storage best practices to keep in mind so it doesn’t get ruined.
  • Make sure the packaging on any new items is tightly sealed.
  • For folded inventory, we recommend using plastic storage containers, as these will help keep liquids, dirt, dust and even rogue insects out of your clothes.
  • Refold folded inventory every few months to avoid irreversible wrinkling and creases.
  • Look into wardrobe boxes and organizers to keep any hanging clothes protected and free of wrinkles while in storage.
  • Ensure that none of your clothing inventory is wet for whatever reason, as this can lead to mold and mildew growth.


What cannot be stored in a storage unit?

For the safety of all renters, there are some restrictions on what you can store, such as no live plants and animals, flammable liquids, explosives, lithium batteries or drugs. Check your rental agreement on the types of things that can be stored.


Can I run my retail business from my storage unit?

No; think of us more as an extension of your business. You may use your unit to store inventory, supplies and equipment or conduct smaller business-related tasks, such as inventory count, but we don’t allow storage units to be used as storefronts or physical addresses of businesses.

Business Industries We serve

We serve businesses across a wide array of industries. Let us help you find a business storage unit best suited to your industry-specific needs.

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