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About Madison

A neighborhood on Nashville's northeast side, Madison is an integral part of the thriving metro area. Though it's less than 10 miles away from downtown Nashville, the neighborhood maintains a quiet suburban atmosphere that attracts many young families. It also boasts three public parks with plenty of community amenities, abundant affordable housing and easy access to higher education.

The History of Madison

Called Madison Station in its early years, the area now known as Madison was first established in 1799. Stagecoach lines connected Madison to the surrounding areas in the 19th century, and the establishment of a railway line in 1852 led to additional growth for this bustling community. Interestingly, after the railroad station was abandoned, it was purchased by country music legend Johnny Cash. It was moved to his home in Sumner County until his passing, at which point it was returned to Madison and converted into a small museum.

Throughout the 20th century, Madison was mainly a connecting suburb of Nashville. In 1963, it was officially annexed.

Working in Madison

Madison and greater Nashville welcome a wide variety of large and small businesses. Vanderbilt University is the city's largest employer by far, providing tens of thousands of administration, faculty and support staff jobs. Auto manufacturer Nissan North America and health care providers HCA Holdings and Saint Thomas Health are also major employers in the greater Nashville area. Staffing company Randstad, health care provider Community Health Systems and home appliance manufacturer Electrolux supply the area with a large number of jobs as well.

If you're in need of a job in Madison, the best industries to start with include trade and transportation, professional and business services, education, health services and government. Construction, leisure and hospitality have been growing in recent years, so you may also be able to find work in those fields.

Madison Schools

Madison schools are part of the Metro Nashville Public Schools district. You can also enroll your child at one of Madison's private schools, which include Madison Academy, Goodpasture Christian School and Saint Joseph School.

Resources for Moving to Madison

As you get ready for your move to Madison, the following information will be useful:

  • Utilities: Nashville Electric Service, Piedmont Natural Gas and Metro Water Services are Madison's major utilities providers.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Metro Public Works oversees the collection of residential trash, typically offered curbside for most single-family homes in Madison.
  • Transportation: The Music City Star Commuter Rail and MTA bus are the area's main public transportation options.

Madison Housing

Madison's most expensive homes are generally clustered in the northwest corner of the neighborhood, along South Graycroft Avenue. You can typically find affordable housing throughout the rest of the community. Properties are divided fairly evenly between homeowners and renters, so you should be able to find options no matter which route you choose.