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About Berwyn

Berwyn is a small community, considered part of the township of Tredyffrin, in Pennsylvania's Chester County. It's one of Philadelphia's Main Line suburbs, a collection of communities located along the historical Main Line, which formerly belonged to the Pennsylvania Railroad. Berwyn offers easy access to Philadelphia while providing a quiet rural lifestyle.

The History of Berwyn

The first settlers to the area where Berwyn now sits were a group of Welshmen in the 1700s. They used the fertile land for farming and homesteading, establishing the first road in the area in 1710. The Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad arrived in the area in 1832, and played a major role in helping the settlements grow and flourish. Throughout the years, both the larger township and the village of Berwyn have gone by a number of names, including Cocheltown, Glassley, Reeseville and Gaysville.

The community of Berwyn was officially named in 1877, during its centennial celebration. One of the local Welsh settlers suggested the name "Berwyn," inspired by the Berwyn Hills of Wales.

Living in Berwyn

Because Berwyn is such a small town, you won't find the same level of amenities here that you would in a larger city. However, a wide variety of entertainment, shopping and dining options are just a short drive away in the city of Philadelphia, so you'll always feel connected. At the same time, Berwyn provides a very quiet, peaceful way of life that many of its locals appreciate. The crime rate in Berwyn is very low, making it a safe, comfortable place to raise a family or live alone.

Even though Berwyn is very small, it still has a few local offerings, like the Footlighters' Theater. This non-profit theater has been in operation for more than 80 years and is the oldest community theater in all the Philadelphia Main Line communities. Other small local attractions include Teegarden Park and Glen Brook Farm.

Berwyn Schools

Students who live in Berwyn attend schools that are part of Tredyffrin/Easttown School District. Because the town is so small, there are no large private schools in Berwyn. However, there are private school options in the town's neighboring communities.

Resources for Moving to Berwyn

Here's some useful information to make your move to Berwyn as simple as possible:

  • Utilities: Aqua Pennsylvania and PECO are the major utilities providers in the Berwyn area.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Within the larger Tredyffrin township, several private companies provide waste disposal services. You'll choose one of these companies to collect trash and recyclables at your home.
  • Transportation: SEPTA bus routes provide a public transit option in the Berwyn area and throughout the township of Tredyffrin.

Berwyn Housing

Berwyn is an extremely small community, so the housing market is fairly limited. You won't find a huge selection of homes to choose from, but there are still enough options to make it possible to find something that fits your needs. Homes can be fairly expensive in Berwyn because of its close proximity to Philadelphia.