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About Boston

Boston is one of the largest cities in New England, and one of the oldest in the nation. It's considered a hub for entrepreneurial start-ups, with a dynamic economy that encourages innovation and growth. With a rich history and distinct personality, Boston is a diverse city that has been a major destination for immigrants for centuries.

The History of Boston

Boston has a history that dates back to 1630, when it was founded by Puritan settlers from England. It's been the backdrop for an incredible number of important events in American history, specifically during the Revolutionary War. The Boston Tea Party, an iconic political protest, took place in the city in 1773, and the war's Battle of Bunker Hill occurred just two years later.

Boston was witness to many firsts in the nation: the first public school, the first subway system and the first public park. As it evolved over the decades, it established itself as an important international port, and the city's economy flourished. When European immigrants began arriving in the 1820s, Boston welcomed a diverse mix of new residents, including people from Ireland, Germany, Poland and Lebanon. As a result, the Boston of today is a culturally, ethnically and racially diverse community.

Jobs in Boston

It may have modest roots as a homesteading community, but Boston has grown over the years into a thriving hub for social and political change. Today, Boston boasts some of the world's best hospitals and many educational institutions and professional sports organizations. Boston jobs are primarily based on the educational, finance, service and health care sectors, though there are plenty of opportunities in other industries as well.

Boston's unemployment rate is relatively low, and its diverse economy has allowed it to remain fairly stable over the years. Thanks to its proximity to Harvard, MIT and other post-secondary institutions, Boston is a hotbed for startup companies led by young graduates. Domestic and international tourism have also helped keep the economy strong.

Many large companies call Boston home, with big names from a variety of industries establishing their headquarters in the city. Among the most recognizable companies are Converse, Reebok, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and General Electric. No matter what field you work in, you're likely to find a range of jobs available to you.

Boston Neighborhoods

Here are just a few of the many great neighborhoods that Boston has to offer:


Dorchester is one of the most diverse communities in America, and you can experience a variety of cultures simply by walking down any of its streets. Irish pubs, traditional pho restaurants and trendy cafes are just a few of the unique establishments that can be found in this neighborhood.


The historic Charlestown neighborhood is home to the Warren Tavern, which counts both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin among its earliest patrons. Many families now live in the area, and it's a tight-knit community with a number of local traditions.


This neighborhood is named for one of its most famous buildings, iconic Fenway Park. Home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team, this part of Boston is a passionate community of sports lovers.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill earned its name as the historic location of Boston's signal beacon, which was built in the 1630s to warn residents of emergencies. Today, it's one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city, famous for its brick walkways and old-fashioned gas lights.

Boston Schools

Boston Public Schools is one of the oldest public school systems in the country, and manages a range of elementary, middle and high schools. The district also serves early learning centers, special education facilities and alternative programs. You also can enroll your child in one of the many private, charter and parochial schools in Boston.

If you're interested in pursuing higher education, Boston is one of the best places to be. A large number of well-respected schools are located in or near the city, including Harvard, MIT and Tufts University. The Greater Boston area has over 100 universities and colleges to choose from, so you'll have plenty of options for working towards your degree.

Resources for Moving to Boston

Here are a few handy resources to help you plan your move to Boston:

  • Utilities: National Grid is the city's natural gas provider, and Eversource supplies residents with power. The Boston Water Department manages public water and sewer services.
  • Transportation: Boston is one of the top public transit cities in the country, offering a well-connected bus, subway and commuter rail network. You can also travel by water shuttle if needed, and Boston is highly rated as a pedestrian-friendly city.
  • Garbage and Recycling: The city provides regular collection of trash and recyclables and offers drop-off sites for hazardous waste. Yard waste is also picked up during certain times of year.

Boston Housing

Housing prices in Greater Boston have skyrocketed in recent years. The median price of a home in Boston is significantly higher than the national average, though some of the outer suburban neighborhoods are slightly more affordable than downtown.