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About Woburn

Woburn is a growing city less than 10 miles from Boston, in the northeast region of Massachusetts. It’s known as a tight-knit community that hosts several historical points of interest, including a handful of homes dating back to the 1600s. Woburn is home to many people who commute to Boston for work, and many locals take advantage of the proximity to enjoy day trips to the big city.

The History of Woburn

Like many cities in the Boston area, Woburn has a story that can be traced into early American history. The first European settlers arrived in 1640, establishing their homes near Horn Pond. Just two years later, the town was officially incorporated, at the time including the present-day communities of Woburn, Burlington and Winchester as well as portions of Wilmington and Stoneham (all of which separated over the next two centuries). Woburn was named for the village of Woburn in Bedfordshire, England.

In 1642, Woburn was witness to the very first religious ordination in the Americas, the swearing in of Reverend Thomas Carter. Present at the ceremony was Captain Edward Johnson, who is generally considered the “father of Woburn.” Johnson was responsible for creating the first state map, recording the colony’s history, and serving as the town clerk and court representative.

Jobs in Woburn

Though many residents commute to Boston for work, there are job opportunities within Woburn as well. A handful of companies are based out of Woburn, including audio equipment manufacturer Boston Acoustics, digital typesetting designer Monotype, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab USA and semiconductor company Skyworks Solutions.

If you’re planning to join the Woburn job market, you may want to start your job search at the area’s largest employers. Top employers include Marshalls, NECC, the New England Rehabilitation Hospital and Chomerics.

Woburn Schools

Woburn Public Schools is responsible for the public elementary, middle and high schools throughout the city. Private school options in Woburn are limited, but there are a few campuses in neighboring communities.

Resources for Moving to Woburn

If you’re planning a move to Woburn, the following information will be useful:

  • Utilities: Major utilities providers in Woburn include Eversource, National Grid and the city water department.
  • Garbage and Recycling: You can expect regular collection of both trash and recycling, with pick-up days occurring on a regular schedule determined by your home’s location.
  • Transportation: Woburn’s public transit options include bus and commuter rail routes, which provide easy access to most of the Boston metro area. The Anderson Regional Transportation Center is the city’s primary transportation hub.

Woburn Housing

As is expected for a city so close to Boston, Woburn has a fairly high cost of living. Home prices are well above the national average, but more affordable than those you would find in Boston. There are many historical properties in Woburn, as well as homes with spacious yards that are ideal for children and pets. Condos and apartments are also available and are often slightly more budget-friendly than single-family homes.