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North Bay Village

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About North Bay Village

North Bay Village is a very small town in the Miami metro area, covering less than one square mile — most of which is water. This island community is surrounded on all sides by Florida's Biscayne Bay, making it a unique and beautiful place to call home. Even though North Bay Village was once a destination for winter visitors, most of its modern-day residents live there full-time.

The History of North Bay Village

Until 1940, the land where North Bay Village now stands was mostly underwater. A small, five-acre portion of land known as Broadcast Key was the only dry land in the area, serving as the home base of the WIOD radio station. In 1940, bulk-heading and dredging changed the geography of the area significantly. North Bay Island was created, and the neighboring Treasure Island and Harbor Island were established just a few years later. The streets of North Bay Village had already been laid out by 1941, lined with palm trees and 12 homes. The community was officially incorporated in 1945, serving primarily as a home for winter visitors from the colder regions of the U.S.

During the middle of the 20th century, North Bay Village became a popular vacation spot for celebrities including Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra, thanks to its large number of restaurants and nightclubs. Dean Martin and Jilly Rizzo both owned nightclubs in the city, which drew many visitors. Over the decades, North Bay Village has evolved into a largely residential community, filled with lush communities of single-family homes.

Things to Do in North Bay Village

Living on an island provides a unique lifestyle with many benefits, not the least of which is easy access to scenic ocean views. Many of the homes and businesses in the city boast waterfront views, and nearby beaches are popular recreational destinations for locals and visitors alike. Thanks to Florida's generous sun and year-round warm weather, you'll be able to enjoy the outdoors nearly anytime.

North Bay Village is conveniently connected to many other communities in the Miami metro area, so you can easily access a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment. Just across a bridge are the Normandy Shores Golf Course and the Normandy Isle Park and Pool. Downtown Miami is also fairly close, so you can experience its vibrant nightlife scene, enjoy a meal at one of its many top-rated restaurants or relax on its famous beaches.

North Bay Village Schools

Miami-Dade County Public Schools oversees the public schools in North Bay Village. There are also a few options for private education in the area, including church-based campuses and secular schools.

Resources for Moving to North Bay Village

If you're planning a move to North Bay Village, the following resources will be useful:

  • Utilities: The city utilities department provides the majority of residential utilities in North Bay Village.
  • Garbage and Recycling: The city facilitates curbside trash collection services, including yard waste pick-up for all residential areas.
  • Transportation: The Metrobus system provides public transportation in the North Bay Village area.

North Bay Village Housing Information

The housing prices in North Bay Village are fairly comparable with those in its neighboring cities and hover above the national average. Although the average home price in the city is higher than in some other Florida cities, it's due in large part to the numerous luxury communities that drive the average upward. While you can certainly find multi-million-dollar real estate in North Bay Village, there are also many affordably-priced condos and homes to consider.