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About Ventura

Ventura is a large coastal city in Southern California, located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara on U.S. Route 101. It's officially named the City of San Buenaventura, a name that stemmed from the nearby Mission San Buenaventura. Like many cities in the region, it has been growing at a fairly steady rate over the past several decades.

The History of Ventura

While there is some evidence that humans have been living in the Ventura area for thousands of years, the modern-day community wasn't started until 1782, when Father Junipero Serra built a missionary there, naming it after Saint Bonaventure. Much of the Mission lands was distributed among settlers after the 1812 Wrightwood earthquake.

Ventura was officially incorporated in 1866. In 1873, it became the county seat after Ventura County was split from Santa Barbara County. The town experienced rapid growth when miners discovered oil, and suburban areas later began to grow as the city distributed farmland to developers in the 1910s.

Jobs in Ventura

Ventura is home to a diverse and thriving economy, and host to the headquarters of many major companies. Outdoor clothing manufacturer Patagonia, eco-friendly designer Stuart+Brown and diaper bag manufacturer Petunia Pickle Bottom all maintain their headquarters in the city. In addition to these businesses, the city established the Ventura Ventures Technology Center in 2009, with the goal of providing an incubator for high-tech businesses. Ventura is also a popular tourist destination, which helps support a healthy leisure and hospitality industry.

If you're planning to look for a job in Ventura, several major employers, including the county of Ventura, the Ventura Unified School District, Community Memorial Health System, Ventura College and Employer's Depot, could be a good places to start your search.

Ventura Schools

Students living in Ventura are served by Ventura Unified School District. In addition to its elementary, middle and high schools, the district manages several other educational programs, including those designed to improve migrant education and continuing education for adults. Private schools in the area include several parochial and Christian-based campuses.

Ventura is also home to four college campuses, including a local community college.

Resources for Moving to Ventura

If you're getting ready for a move to Ventura, the following resources will be helpful:

  • Utilities: Southern California Edison and Ventura Water are the primary utilities providers in Ventura.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Most homes in Ventura receive trash, recycling and organic waste collection services.
  • Transportation: Public transportation options in Ventura include the Gold Coast Transit District, the Ventura Intercity Transit Authority and Metrolink.

Ventura Housing

Ventura is an extremely attractive city that offers a mild climate year-round and easy access to several beaches, so it's not surprising that its real estate prices are significantly higher than state and national averages. You can also find some new construction in certain areas of the city, some of which offer fairly affordable homes in comparison to existing homes.