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La Habra

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About La Habra

La Habra's name originates from the Spanish phrase for "pass through the hills," referring to the area's natural pass through its northern hills, first used by Spanish explorers in 1769. It was officially named "La Habra" by Don Mariano Reyes, a rancher who received the area as part of an acreage bundle in the late 1830s.

La Habra wasn't settled until the 1890s, when many newcomers arrived looking for jobs in agriculture. Unfortunately, La Habra and the surrounding area struggled with long droughts that made farming an extreme challenge. However, that all changed when lines were installed to connect La Habra to the San Gabriel River. With a steady supply of water, the area quickly became known for its avocados and citrus fruits. The small agricultural town earned fame as the original birthplace of the Hass avocado and the home of the decades-old Hass Avocado Mother Tree.

La Habra wasn't officially incorporated until 1925. Since then, it's built a diverse economy that has helped attract more residents.

Living in La Habra

If you're planning a move to La Habra, you certainly aren't alone. In the last couple of decades, the city has seen a significant population increase. The rapid growth has resulted in a higher cost of living, mainly due to high demand for housing options. Regardless, the local beach areas and diverse economy continue to attract many newcomers.

The unemployment rate in La Habra is lower than the national average, and recent job growth has been slow but steady. You'll find that you have access to diverse career options in areas such as sales, administrative support, management and finance. The largest employers in the area are mainly large corporations like CVS Pharmacy, Target and Home Depot, but there are also a few local businesses on the list.

La Habra has a variety of outdoor spaces where you can enjoy the mild weather. Peter F. Schabarum Park and Laguna Lake Park offer recreational activities such as tennis and horseback riding. If you enjoy hiking, Turnbull Canyon has a scenic trail looping through the Puente Hills.

La Habra Schools

La Habra public schools are managed by two local districts, with the La Habra City School District serving elementary and middle school students and the Fullerton Joint Union High School District operating the local high schools. Currently, private faith-based education is also available in La Habra.

Resources for Moving to La Habra

Here are a few resources to make your move to La Habra easier:

  • Utilities: SoCalGas and Southern California Edison provide gas and electricity services in La Habra, and the Orange County Water District manages water services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: CR&R Environmental Services provides weekly curbside pickup of trash, recyclables and green (yard) waste.
  • Transportation: There are several bus routes serving the city of La Habra, which is a handy option for avoiding the area's heavy traffic.

La Habra Housing

Real estate in La Habra is expensive, even by Southern California's standards. However, there are a variety of both single-family homes and multifamily communities to choose from, so you can explore different options to fit your budget.