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Del Rey Oaks

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About Del Rey Oaks

Del Rey Oaks is a very small city located just east of Monterey and west of Salinas. Covering less than a square mile, it is home to many young families and couples. However, its small size doesn't mean that the city lacks amenities. The Stone Creek shopping center, Del Rey Oaks Golf Club and the nature trails of Frog Pond Preserve ensure there's always plenty to do.

The History of Del Rey Oaks

Del Rey Oaks is one of California's oldest settlements. Though it wasn't formally established until 1953, its history dates back much further. One of its most colorful characters in local legend was Matt Tarpy, an Irish immigrant who moved to the area with his wife and three daughters in 1851. Tarpy's Roadhouse, a restaurant in a historic homestead from the early 1900s, is named after him.

Jobs in Del Rey Oaks

Despite its small population, Del Rey Oaks has a diverse economy with job opportunities for local residents. Its Stone Creek Village Shopping Center features a number of high-profile companies, including Wells Fargo Bank, Starbucks, 7-11, Quizno's Subs, Jamba Juice, Jack in the Box and the UPS Store. Retail jobs are also available at the local Safeway, which is the largest Safeway outlet in the United States.

Del Rey Oaks is a white-collar city, with a large percentage of locals employed in white-collar positions. Management, office, administrative support and sales positions are among the most common jobs in Del Rey Oaks. A generous percentage of people in Del Rey Oaks, far more than the national average, work from home. Many of these professionals are employed by the tech companies of Silicon Valley, but Del Rey Oaks also has a significant number of self-employed, home-based business owners.

Del Rey Oaks Schools

Because it's such a small city, there are no schools in Del Rey Oaks. Your child will most likely attend a nearby school served by the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District.

Resources for Moving to Del Rey Oaks

Here are a few quick resources to help you plan your move to Del Rey Oaks:

  • Utilities: Pacific Gas & Electric is the city's main energy provider, while the California American Water Company manages water services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Most areas of Del Rey Oaks have curbside collection of trash and recyclables.
  • Transportation: You can use the Monterey-Salina Transit program to access nearby cities.

Del Rey Oaks Housing

Del Rey Oaks has one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation, and the median home price is higher than the state average as well. Despite their high prices, properties in Del Rey Oaks are still more affordable than some of the most expensive communities in California.