How to Pack a Storage Unit

It can be tempting to just cram everything into your storage space, but that doesn't always make your life easier. Frank from Public Storage is here to teach you the best way to pack your storage unit.

Step 1 - Label Boxes

Take the time to label the contents of each box with a heavy black marker. Trust us on this one. You'll really regret it when you're tearing open every single box in your unit looking for Halloween decorations.

Also, be sure to mark boxes that contain items that can easily be damaged or broken. For example, boxes containing glassware, picture frames and lamps should be marked with "FRAGILE" or "GLASSWARE" and also note which end is up.

Step 2 - Disassemble Furniture Items

A lot of items that are stored don't need to be as big as they are. Look for ways to reduce the size of bedframes, couches, tables and chairs.

Step 3 - Keep an Aisle Open In the Center

Don't forget to leave yourself a clear path down the center of your self-storage unit. This way, you don't have to trudge over your boxes and furniture to get to your items in the back. Also, make sure you face box labels towards the aisle so you can easily read them.

how to pack a storage unitbest way to pack a storage unit

Step 4 - Use Heavy Items to Create a Stable Base

Most likely you're going to be stacking a lot of boxes. But remember, not all boxes are created equal. A heavy box can crush the contents of the box beneath it so be mindful of the weight of each box.

Step 5 - Keep Refrigerator and Freezer Open Slightly

Typically, leaving your fridge or freezer door open is a major no-no, but when storing your refrigerator, it's the way to go. Mold can build up on the inside of the fridge if the door is shut. To prevent this, all you need is a ball of tape. That's right, just rolling some tape into a ball and placing it inside the door to keep it open, can help keep the fridge interior dry and free of mold.

Step 6 - Wrap Mirrors and Fragile Items In Padding

Don't be left with a pile of broken glass. Protect your mirrors and anything that can easily be shattered with stretch wrap, blankets, bubble wrap and/or padding. Don't have any of this stuff? Visit a Public Storage location for a wide variety of packing materials available to purchase.

Step 7 - Make a Map Of Where Everything Is/Create An Inventory List

Finding the one item you need can feel like a bit of a treasure hunt if you're not organized. Make your future visits easier by creating an inventory list and making a map of exactly where all your items are located. Then just tack it on the door so your next visit is easy in, easy out.

Okay, now you're pretty much a storage genius. Go ahead and get on packing, it's time to show off your expertise.

Download our Tip Sheet PDF so you have all of these storage secrets on hand when you're packing your unit.