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Maple Valley

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About Maple Valley

Maple Valley, which is roughly 20 miles outside of Seattle, is a scenic northwestern town in Washington's King County. It was a very small town until the early 2000s, when explosive population growth transformed it into a bustling suburb. It's known for its beautiful setting, family-friendly community and numerous natural highlights.

The History of Maple Valley

The community of Maple Valley was started in 1879 by three men, who were tackling the task of improving a trail in the area. They brought their families to the area and established a small settlement. When it came time to name the community, the small group of residents voted for their choice on slips of paper that were drawn out of a hat. The name Vine Maple Valley won, but was later shortened to Maple Valley by the post office.

In its early years, Maple Valley thrived on an economy of coal and lumber milling, and benefited from the railroad that was constructed through the town. As more workers moved to the area, the town's population grew. Through the early 1900s, the town welcomed hotels, blacksmith shops, stores and salons. Schools were added as well, and the Tahoma High School is still in operation today. Farming and fishing became major industries in the area, with demand for milk, berries and poultry coming from a growing population.

In the 1920s, Maple Valley became a popular vacation destination. Lake Wilderness became host to a large resort, and an airstrip, a bowling alley, cabins and a golf course were all added over the years.

Living in Maple Valley

In recent years, Maple Valley has experienced a huge influx of people. In 1990, just over 1,200 people called the city home, but the local population exploded to more than 25,000 by 2015. This massive growth is connected to a thriving economy and Maple Valley's desirable setting. People come not just to enjoy the town's natural beauty, including its many lakes, but also to take advantage of employment opportunities in nearby Seattle and Bellevue. Major companies, including Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon, have operations in the greater Seattle area, providing many good jobs in the region. Maple Valley's unemployment rate is below the national average, which is good news if you're planning to join the local job market.

In your free time, you can enjoy the many activities and sights the area has to offer. Go hiking in one of the many scenic parks, head to Seattle to see a show or a concert, or explore Seattle's downtown area. Maple Valley also has numerous amenities within its city limits, including grocery stores, big-box retail stores, parks and restaurants.

Maple Valley Schools

Tahoma School District operates the schools of Maple Valley. There are a few private schools in the area, including Montessori and Christian-based campuses.

Resources for Moving to Maple Valley

Here are a few useful resources for planning your move to Maple Valley:

  • Utilities: Puget Sound Energy, Soos Creek Water and Sewer District, the Covington Water District and the Cedar River Water and Sewer District are the major utilities providers in Maple Valley.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Most homes in Maple Valley receive curbside collection services from Recology CleanScapes.
  • Transportation: Kings County Metro manages public transit routes in and around Maple Valley.

Maple Valley Housing

Maple Valley has plenty of options when it comes to housing, ranging from compact studio apartments to large family homes on expansive lots. Because the city has grown so rapidly in recent years, home prices have been rising quickly. You can still find many fairly priced homes, however, including new construction options throughout the community.