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About Pflugerville

Pflugerville is a midsize town in central Texas that has been witness to dramatic growth and expansion in the past few decades. It's conveniently located within the Austin-San Marcos metropolitan area, just 14 miles northeast of Austin. This central location has contributed to its impressive growth, as the increasing population and development in Austin have spilled over into many of its suburbs, including Pflugerville.

The History of Pflugerville

Pflugerville was named after Henry Pfluger, who became the town's first settler in 1849. The Pfluger family operated a small farm in the area, but a community didn't begin to develop until after The Civil War. The city began to grow rapidly in 1904, when the town welcomed the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad and its first cotton gin. The city was finally incorporated in 1965, but it remained a very small town until the late 20th century. Beginning in the 1980s, Pflulgerville experienced steep growth. In 1980, fewer than 800 people called the city home, but that number had swelled to more than 59,000 in 2015.

Living and Working in Pflugerville

Pflugerville has kept up with its impressive population growth by expanding the many amenities it offers, ranging from grocery stores and retail developments to recreational facilities. Its many local parks, including Pfluger Park, Gilleland Creek Park and Northeast Metropolitan Park, help beautify the town and provide plenty of places to enjoy the sunny Texas weather. Pflugerville is also well-located for day trips to major area attractions like the George Washington Carver Museum, Austin Children's Museum and the French Legation Museum.

Unemployment in Pflugerville is well below the national average, and the town's economic future looks bright, thanks to recent positive job growth. Pflugerville's close proximity to the tech town of Austin has made electronics and computers theNo. 1 local industry sector. Many of Austin's top tech employers, including Dell, IBM, National Instruments, Apple and Applied Materials, are within 10 miles of Pflugerville. This provides many lucrative jobs for people living in Pflugerville, all within a short, easy commute.

Pflugerville Schools

Pflugerville students attend Pflugerville Independent School District schools. There are also many Montessori, faith-based and early childhood private schools in the city.

Nearby universities, including The University of Texas at Austin and Austin Community College, provide convenient access to higher education if you're considering pursuing a degree.

Resources for Moving to Pflugerville

Here are a few helpful resources for organizing your move to Pflugerville:

  • Utilities: The city's public works department operates water and sewer utilities. You'll be able to choose your electricity provider, which gives you the opportunity to shop around for the best price.
  • Garbage and Recycling: You'll receive roll-out carts for trash and recyclables, which are used for regular curbside collection.
  • Transportation: Pflugerville does not have public transportation within its city limits, but you can access a few options in neighboring communities. Personal vehicles are the most common form of transportation in the area.

Pflugerville Housing

Considering its rapid growth since the turn of the century, it's unsurprising that most of Pflugerville's homes were built between 2000 and 2010. These modern homes provide plenty of contemporary housing options to choose from, typically located in attractive planned communities.