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About Carrboro

Carrboro is a small town in North Carolina's Greater Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill. It's conveniently located 11 miles southwest of Durham and 26 miles west of Raleigh, making it a popular suburb for those who want proximity to larger cities as well as a quiet, small-town way of life. The town farmers market, a rich arts and culture scene, and many unique local events set Carrboro apart as a very desirable place to live.

The History of Carrboro

Settlers arrived in Carrboro in 1882, when the area was referred to as West End. Population growth was gradual but steady until construction of the Alberta Cotton Mill in 1898 fueled a major population boom.

West End was officially incorporated in 1911. To commemorate the event, its name was changed to Venable, in honor of the University of North Carolina's president, Francis Preston Venable. However, the name didn't stick, so it was changed to Carrboro two years later. Carrboro was named for Julian Shakespeare Carr, who founded the town's Durham Hosiery Mill.

Living in Carrboro

Carrboro is known for its vibrant arts scene, multicultural population and progressive spirit. Its many local museums and historic sites include Chapel Hill Museum, Duke Homestead State Historic Site and Bennett Place State Historic Site. The Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, offers camping, fishing, boating, picnicking and swimming. The town is well-known as the site of the Carrboro Farmers' Market, which has offered fresh cheese and baked goods and handmade gifts to visitors since 1977.

Unemployment in Carrboro is lower than the national average, and job opportunities within the city and neighboring areas continue to grow. Supermarkets and other local retailers employ many people in the town. There are also many employment opportunities at Carrboro physicians' offices and religious organizations. The nearby University of North Carolina ensures Carrboro's population is an educated one that's attractive to local businesses. Carrboro is committed to supporting the business community, especially local companies owned by Carrboro residents.

Carrboro Schools

Established in 1909, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools is one of two public school systems in North Carolina and responsible for the schools of Carrboro. The district is extremely well-rated, earning the highest graduation rates, test scores and number of college-bound seniors in the state. Several private schools in the area, include Montessori, Waldorf and faith-based campuses.

Resources for Moving to Carrboro

As you get ready to move to Carrboro, the following information will be helpful:

  • Utilities: Carrboro's primary utility providers are Duke Power, Piedmont Electric, PSNC Energy and Orange Water & Sewer Authority.
  • Garbage and Recycling: The town is divided into collection zones, each one with a different trash and recyclables collections schedule.
  • Transportation: Chapel Hill Transit has several fixed bus routes through Carrboro and neighboring cities.

Carrboro Housing

Carrboro has many attractive residential areas that appeal to young couples and families alike. Homes can be slightly expensive, and are generally priced higher than the national average. However, large wooded lots and easily accessible amenities provide good value for your money.