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About Emeryville

Emeryville is a very small city in Northern California, tucked in a natural corridor between Oakland and Berkeley. In recent years, the city's close proximity to San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area has fueled the growth of its population and economy. You'll find several well-known tech companies within Emeryville's city limits, including Pixar Animation Studios and IBM, and the city's population grows considerably during the work week as commuters arrive from the surrounding area.

Things to Do in Emeryville

Despite it's relatively small size, Emeryville still offers plenty of things to do. If you enjoy shopping, Emeryville has a mall with a theater, and the downtown area has several cafes and restaurants. McLaughlin Eastshore State Park offers a great place to relax, or to watch birds in the tidal areas along the shoreline.

The area is ideal if you enjoy the outdoors, especially sailing. The city sits right on the shoreline of San Francisco Bay, home to a marina with several sailboats, yachts and fishing boats. If you're interested in fishing, you can find a host of charters running out to fishing grounds right from the marina docks. Or if you prefer a more laid-back form of boating, opt for a sailing course or a day charter on a sailboat.

Jobs in Emeryville

Emeryville is a home base for many large companies in sectors ranging from tech and research to food and toys. Within the city's borders, you'll find the headquarters for ZipRealty, Clif Bar,, the Center for Investigative Reporting, Jamba Juice and more. There are also several large retail centers in the city, developed as part of recent revitalization efforts. Thanks to the presence of so many businesses in Emeryville, there are a variety of jobs to choose from. Keep in mind that many people commute into Emeryville for work, so the job market can be competitive.

The city's largest employers include Pixar Animation Studios, Novartis, AC Transit and Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals.

Emeryville Schools

Emeryville schools are part of the Emeryville Unified School District, which serves preschool to grade 12. You'll find a limited number of schools in the area because Emeryville is mainly a professional and business-oriented city.

Resources for Moving to Emeryville

Here are a few quick resources to simplify your move to Emeryville:

  • Utilities: Pacific Gas and Electric is Emeryville's main energy provider. The Emeryville public works department manages public water and sewer services.
  • Garbage and Recycling: Waste Management Inc. facilitates regular collection of trash, recyclables and organic/food waste for both single-family and multi-family communities in Emeryville.
  • Transportation: AC Transit and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) provide an extended network of public transportation in and around Emeryville. The Emery Go-Round is a free local shuttle that provides easy access to many major points in the city.

Emeryville Housing

The housing market in Emeryville has a mix of condos, apartments and other urban-style housing, as well as a small number of single-family homes. A large portion of the local listings are condominiums or condominium conversions.

The average home price in Emeryville is very expensive compared to most areas but relatively inexpensive for the San Francisco Bay Area. Real estate prices here have appreciated greatly over the past few decades.