Positive Employee Feedback Earns Public Storage Top Awards

Apr 9, 2021 / Public Storage

Our team members love working at Public Storage–for a lot of reasons, including for our support of female employees and diversity, according to their responses to the career site Comparably.

Our employees also gave our CEO Joe Russell an A+ in their survey responses.

Public Storage was among the top 100 companies in all three award categories.

“I never felt as a woman I couldn’t get to the next level,” said Katie Rodriguez, a senior district manager who leads a team in Southern California. She appreciates working with other female leaders: seven of 12 management roles in her area are held by women.

“I love my job. I really appreciate the work-life balance because I have a family and a one-year-old.”

The three most recent accolades from Comparably are just some of a total of eight awards this year from the career site.

On Comparably, an employee shared that “positive culture, teamwork, and diversity” was the best thing about working for us.

We are proud our employees are happy, and their ratings also earned us a Best Company Outlook in 2021, earlier this year.

“I feel appreciated here, and there is great teamwork – I love it!” said Cristel, a property manager in the Chicago area.

Public Storage came in at No. 23, besting companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Whole Foods. Zoom, the video conferencing platform, topped the list.

We’re especially happy to hear that employees liked us during the height of the pandemic, when we initiated protocol early on to help team members and customers alike.

“They cared a lot about employee’s safety, and we had the support of district managers, regional managers, and even corporate,” said location manager Ricardo. “I don’t think we would have been able to succeed the way we did without that support.”

Among other things, Comparably’s questions assessed how confident more than 170 employees are in Public Storage’s long-term success and how likely they are to recommend our jobs to friends.

Public Storage was also named No. 3 on the list of Best Operations Teams, based on our strong culture, work-life balance, opportunities and more. We are committed to our teammates and their development, and are thrilled to make a difference.

For example, team members take part in nearly a half million training sessions a year to ensure customers receive excellent service.

“There’s times we just stop by our properties to offer high-fives to recognize them,”; said Tony, a vice president who manages many of our Southern California locations.

Today he is one of the company’s highest-ranking employees: “I started as an agent in the call center; there’s never been a limitation for how far you can grow.”;

Regionally, we were also named to Comparably’s Best Workplaces Los Angeles, the area where Public Storage is headquartered and where we have hundreds of locations.

public storage employees wearing party hats and streamers decorate the lobby.

Employees also gave the overall culture at Public Storage an A+.

Our awards do not surprise Cristel who joined the company about three years ago when a friend and current employee suggested she apply.

Cristel said she also refers friends to Public Storage for jobs.

public storage employee smiles while standing in the middle of the hallway

Public Storage remained one of the strongest employers in the country during the pandemic, offering full-time permanent openings nationwide during the pandemic.

Interested? You can visit our Public Storage Jobs site for more information on openings available today.

“Knowing that we were that strong during those times, I’m very confident of our future success,” Cristel said.

Ricardo applauded measures to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, such as launching eRental for customers who prefer to keep their distance. Even with stay-at-home orders, he remained busy.

“We are a thriving company,” Ricardo said. “With the pandemic I thought it was going to be so slow; on the contrary, we were busy. And I don’t see us slowing down any time soon.”

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