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Looking for a permanent full-time job with benefits?

Public Storage is one of the strongest employers in the country right now, with thousands of locations and hundreds of full-time permanent openings nationwide. We are the nation’s leading storage company and are even one of the largest landlords. If you’re looking for a job with us, visit our Public Storage Jobs site today because we’re looking for you!

With over 2,500 locations in 38 states, we’re thriving and have many opportunities for onsite property managers and customer service reps! What’s more, if you’re looking to try something new, we can help you pick up skills with a best-in-class training program that will teach business acumen as well as key people skills so important to career success. You will also be making a difference for our customers who depend on us.

Public Storage offers medical and dental benefits, a 401k with an employer match, and competitive pay. We even offer on-site housing to some property managers.

If you’re looking for steady employment in these unsure times, Public Storage locations continue to serve customers while our team members are able to practice social distancing. After all, the company has been around nearly 50 years and survived and thrived even in tough times.

We love working together and posting about it on LinkedIn. And we love helping customers who rely on us during major changes in their own lives, whether moving for a job, downsizing, or finding room for that extra couch when they’re tying the knot!

Hiring During COVID-19

Front entrance of Public Storage facility.

Even though other businesses are closing, contributing to double-digit unemployment estimates in the news these days, our company execs expect that Public Storage will continue going strong. And at this moment Public Storage is looking for hundreds more team members.

We’ve also launched new programs to help employees deal with COVID-19 in their daily lives. We've set aside $10 million in a PS Cares Fund to cover things like unexpected child care, extra time off and more. In addition, we’ve increased pay for location managers an additional $3 an hour.

Greg Goheen, a divisional vice president for Public Storage, has worked at Public Storage 13 years and personally seen the company weather tough times, including the 2008 financial crisis.

“I have seen us go through a recession, and Public Storage has been able to remain consistent throughout that,” Goheen said, adding that the company isn’t looking to fill temporary jobs. “We do provide consistent employment and consistent full-time hours, that’s really attractive for people.”

Our stability can make such a different for job seekers, said Mark Weigum, a company senior district manager.

“We are privileged to work for a company where job insecurity is not our concern,” he said.

If you’ve been laid off, you can consider Public Storage if you’re interested in trying something new. For example, Weigum has a background in photography and last hired a manager who worked in telecommunications. Other team members have experience in restaurants and retail.

The company has a variety of opportunities today. Start your search at our Public Storage Jobs site today.

“It’s neat, we do hire all different walks of life, and you get a lot of different perspectives,” Weigum said.

When Weigum first joined Public Storage nearly nine years ago in St. Louis, he had just left Sears, where he served as a district manager for their portrait studio.

Weigum received several months of on-the-job training before being placed at a permanent site. During that time, he shadowed a manager  experience he believes has been critical to his success with the company.

Social Distancing at Work

As an essential business, our doors remain open, but we’ve asked our team members to refrain from shaking hands and to maintain a six-foot distance across all interactions. And we’ve all got safety on our minds.

“We have provided guidance to our team members on hand-washing protocols, the importance of staying at home if they are ill, and enhanced cleaning of high-touch areas at our properties to the reduce the risk of transmission,” said CEO Joe Russell.

Public Storage will continue to monitor developments and the guidance of public health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), Russell said.

Goheen currently oversees 335 properties, including in Seattle and San Francisco, two cities affected by the pandemic.

“It’s easy for our customers to feel comfortable when they are here because we can accommodate social distancing very easily. We have the space,” he said.

Helping Customers in a Time of Need

Public Storage employee behind counter greets customer.

Goheen is seeing an increase in activity at his properties in light of COVID-19. People are downsizing and moving in with family or roommates, especially in expensive cities like San Francisco. College students also have had to move out of their dorms unexpectedly as schools around the country shut down.

“It’s been a little slower for our regular customers,” Goheen said. “Normal day-to-day to business has dropped but for the people who need us – where we have properties next to a college, for example, -- we’ve been busy.”

There are also those people who were planning to move and now aren’t but need somewhere to store their stuff.

“They come to us and don’t have other options,” he said. “They are really thankful we can stay open and become a place to care for their items when they don’t have a lot of options.”

By remaining open, Tony Borja, a district manager based in Southern California, said Public Storage is also providing an essential service to businesses who store their goods in our units.

“We are essential to everyday life,” he said. “We rent storage units to companies that work with hospitals, pharmaceutical representatives, plumbers that have tools. We allow customers to store certain goods that need to be accessed every day.”

For current customers, Weigum said there is comfort knowing there is somebody onsite and paying attention to their goods.

“It’s that confidence that somebody is there,” he said.

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