Cupertino Storage Units Reopen Near Apple Campus

Sep 7, 2023 / Liset Marquez

We are proud to reopen our sleek new Cupertino facility which features two five-story climate controlled buildings and is conveniently located right off of Interstate 280 and tucked behind the Apple campus.

Public Storage, 20565 Valley Green Dr, Cupertino reopened offering nearly 2,600 climate controlled units—quadrupling the storage units that were previously available.

“There is literally nothing comparable to what we have built in the city of Cupertino,” said Ryan Taylor, a regional manager with Public Storage. “We will be able to provide a storage experience no one else is offering in the area. We are so excited to finally be opening this beautiful new facility!”

Our facility has grown from 51,000 square feet to 195,000 square feet. We did so by replacing nine one-story buildings that were 40 years old with energy efficient amenities such as solar panels, motion-sensor LED lighting, exterior LED lights and contactless gate access.

“This is a prime location with visibility from the freeway, and easily accessible. It’s also one of the largest locations in the region,” said Suneel Sharma, a district manager for this region.

Centrally Located Cupertino Storage Units

cupertino public storage units aerial view after renovation

Cupertino, which is home to Apple, Inc. headquarters, is an affluent community and sought city for living and working. The neighborhoods are predominantly single-family residential homes that on average sale for $1.8 million.

“We’re a mile away from Apple’s headquarters, this is unbelievable real estate,” said Andres Friedman, Public Storage’s senior vice president of development.

New projects aren’t easily approved due to lack of available land and thorough development standards.

“This is a difficult market to enter and we’re proud to have this property in Cupertino, it’s a huge boost to the region and benefit to the community,” Taylor said.

Since construction began September 2020, Sharma said our nearby locations consistently get calls from customers asking when this location will reopen.

“There is a high demand in this area for storage so there is definitely a lot of opportunity here,” he said. “Ever since we demolished the older location here a few years back, those customers have been eagerly anticipating the chance to come back to Cupertino to rent with us.”

Cupertino Self Storage Amenities

closeup of public storage cupertino after reopening

This venture began in 2016, which included meetings with city officials and community members whose feedback helped shaped the design of our final project, Friedman said.

Through our partnership with the city and surrounding community members, we designed unique sleek modern buildings that features metal siding, spandrel glass and our iconic orange Public Storage logo.

“We worked with the city to deliver a product that fits their standards and keep design elements that identify our iconic brand,” Friedman said. “It was a lengthy process but overall we developed a very clean building that still provides a strong presence.”

Our buildings have a neutral impact to the city because they don’t generate a lot of traffic or consume a lot of energy, he said.

“We’re not creating impact to the city’s infrastructure,” Friedman said, adding the city was pleased to hear the facility is being certified to LEED Silver standards.

In the spirit of being good neighbors we lined the property with Italian Cypress and Brisbane Box trees for sight line beautification as well as adding a green open space at the front of our property, providing a buffer from the visitor parking lot and building entrance for our neighbors. This bioretention area also helps manage storm water runoff. Our landscape improvements total over 16,000 square feet.

The project also provides a total of 32 parking spaces, exceeding the city’s estimated parking demand by nine spaces.

We also provided an easement on the north side of the building, parallel to I-280, to accommodate a proposed bike path being built by the city of Cupertino.

“When you consider the location, the size of the property and the fact that there is nothing like it in the area, this property will become an iconic part of the Public Storage portfolio,” Taylor said.

If you’re looking for climate-controlled storage units in Cupertino then this location near 1-280 is the best choice for you!

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