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About Ladson

Ladson is a small, welcoming community in southeastern South Carolina, stretching across Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston counties. It's less than 20 miles from the major city of Charleston, which puts the larger city's job market, attractions and amenities within a short, 30-minute drive. For this reason, many people who live in Ladson have chosen it as a quiet home base that still provides access to the big city.

As part of the Charleston/North Charleston metro area, Ladson has much of historical significance that interests visitors and locals alike. Charleston is a fascinating, 300-year-old city that's quite unlike anything else in the United States. It has been a thriving seaport and business center over the years, and witness to many important events throughout American history.

The city center, in particular, is beautifully preserved, making it a popular tourist destination. While much of its industry has left and the old seaport is gone, tourism has allowed the city to thrive, although this has increased the cost of living for residents.

To get around this issue, many people have chosen to live in Ladson and other affordable Charleston suburbs. You'll find that you can still easily travel to Charleston to experience its historical landmarks and unique culture, but can return home to the quieter, more budget-friendly suburb of Ladson.

Living in Ladson

In addition to the benefits offered by the large city of Charleston, Ladson has several other positive features that have attracted people looking to relocate. It has a relatively low unemployment rate, and the average commute time is very short. Many U.S. suburbs require a significant drive to reach the nearest metroplitan city, but Ladson is so close to Charleston that getting to work won't take you more than 30 minutes or so. The affordable cost of living is another draw, with Ladson offering all the perks of living in an interesting area in South Carolina while still sticking to your budget.

During peak seasons, some tourist traffic can overflow into Ladson. However, it's just far enough away from Charleston that you won't notice too much of an impact. The visitors who do come through town are a helpful boost to the local economy, contributing to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries. One of the city's largest tourist attractions is its annual Coastal Carolina Fair held every October.

Ladson Schools

Charleston County School District and Dorchester School District Two operate the public schools in Ladson. There are also several private schools in the area, including a wide range of options in Charleston.

Resources for Moving to Ladson

Here's some useful information for planning your move to Ladson:

  • Utilities: South Carolina Electric & Gas and the Summerville CPW are the primary utilities providers in Ladson.
  • Garbage and Recycling: As a resident of Ladson, you can expect to choose your own private waste disposal company from a handful of licensed providers in the area.
  • Transportation: The TriCounty Link bus system provides public transportation in the Ladson area. You can purchase weekly or monthly passes if you plan to use the transit system frequently.

Ladson Housing

Both home and rent prices in Ladson are very affordable, making a comfortable lifestyle very attainable on most budgets. Many of the homes in the area are relatively well-sized, and you can even purchase a brand-new property that's designed according to your preferences. There are also plenty of options for renting, including apartments and town homes throughout Ladson.