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About Medina

A little more than 30 miles south of Cleveland and west of Akron, Ohio, Medina is a small city that many families love to call home. It is a great destination in the suburbs with an easy commute to work in the city.

Medina's History

Initially an unincorporated community founded in the early 19th century, the town has a lot of history to appreciate. Once called Mecca, the now-city later changed its name to in Saudi Arabia, since a nearby area already took the first choice.

Originally a farming town, one company’s beekeeping business boomed and turned the area into a center for beehive manufacturing. There were also quarries that produced stones.

Living and Working in Medina

Manufacturing has been the backbone of the Cleveland economy for many years, and it’s common for Medina residents to commute to work there. The city is also seeing an uptick in technology companies.

A home costs more in Medina than Cleveland proper does, but the city also provides more room, less noise and a more hometown feel.

The nine-block Historic District offers a look into the city’s past, with many well-preserved structures from the rebuilding process of the 1870s after a series of devastating fires. Historic buildings are now home to a unique mix of businesses and restaurants, while the Public Square hosts many of the community’s events. During the warm summer months, live concerts, festivals and art shows are especially popular. If you are looking for modern amenities, you can find a variety of stores in the city’s uptown district.

At the Medina Recreation Center, programs and classes are available for locals of all ages. You can use the public gym spaces to stay active, go swimming at the aquatic center or sign up for an adult sports league. If you have children, you might consider signing them up for summer camp, a local sports team or even the city-organized preschool. Senior citizens also have a range of specially-designed programs.

Medina Schools

About a dozen public schools are available for families in Medina, which include traditional grade schools, a preschool for children with disabilities and an alternative school for children with behavioral problems. Other religious and private school are also in the area.

Do you want to become an auctioneer? Then Medina is the place for you; it’s home to the Walton School of Auctioneering!

College-level students will find the Medina County University Center, an extension of the University of Akron, in the city and the main campus about 20 miles away.

Resources for Moving to Medina

Like in any town, there are a few quick utility and other resources that can make your first days in town a little easier.

  • Water: The City of Medina is the go-to utility provider for water in town.
  • Sewer: Medina County provides sewer services to residents in Medina proper.
  • Electricity: Power up a home after turning on electricity service with Ohio Edison.
  • Gas: Get cooking after calling Columbia Gar of Ohio for natural gas distribution at home.
  • Public Transit: Medina County Transit provides local bus services and on-demand pickup programs for senior residents. Buses do not run on Sundays or holidays.