Neat Board Game Storage Ideas for Family Fun Night

Sep 7, 2023 / Laura Bolt

When it comes to board game storage, you want to create a strategy that will let you easily get away from the TV and connect with your loved ones for some competitive family fun.

If a board game night is in order. From strategy and roleplaying games to classics like Scrabble and Connect Four, when it comes to board games, there really is something for everyone.

Whether you’re playing to win or just in it for the love of the game, check out our expert storage tips to keep your board games organized and make your family game night a success.

Board Game Storage Tips

Organized board game storage using labeled cabinets shelves and clear boxes

“When it comes to storing board games, I always say horizontal is hidden, vertical is visible,” explains professional organizer C. Lee Cawley of Simplify You.

Cawley recommends storing games vertically.

“If you store games on their sides like books,” shares Cawley. “It’s much easier to pull them out to play than if they are stacked on top of each other.”

Bryan Greer of the gaming group and YouTube channel GameBrigade notes that “the quintessential piece of furniture that is used to store and organize board games is the KALLAX Shelf.”

IKEA, Walmart, and Target have their own versions. The KALLAX Shelf has a cube design, and each cube is 33cm by 33cm. The average board game box size is just around 30cm, so these cubes are the perfect size for storing your board games and keeping them on display.

Greer also likes the KALLAX because you can place oddly shaped or prized games on the top for exhibit.

“Board game collections are something to be proud of,” adds Greer.

To maintain all your favorite games in good condition, Cawley recommends reinforcing the sides of the box with clear plastic packing tape to beef up the cardboard. She also likes to use a large rubber band to keep the top of the box attached to the rest.

Creative Storage Options

If space is an issue, consider ditching the box and re-homing the contents into a smaller pouch that won’t take up as much room.

You can repurpose a basket or box to hold your collection together, and then slot it into a cabinet or shelf for a space-saving storage solution. Just be sure to use clear pouches or label your games so you can quickly grab the one you’re looking for!

In addition to clear pouches, repurpose these items for board game storage:

  • Scrapbooking folders
  • Index card boxes (for card games)
  • Plastic food and condiment holders
  • Wire or mesh dish and file organizers
  • Pencil boxes
  • Empty tea or coffee canisters

Utilize adjustable closet or cabinet shelves to help you organize games, while still tucking it out of sight.

Alternatively, a hanging closet organizer meant for folded items can also do double-duty for board game storage.

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Game Storage with Kids

organized board game storage by labeled shelves

If you’re worried about little fingers making off with smaller pieces, consider adding an extra layer of protection. Store small game pieces in plastic bags inside the original box.

Color coordination is a nice way to add some style and organization to your collection. Use different colors to differentiate between age ranges, so it’s easy for everyone to grab a game at their level.

For games with larger pieces geared toward little kids or ones with foldable mats like Jenga or Twister, a plastic organizer with several drawers can hold components for easy access when anyone wants to play.

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Board Game Storage for Travel

Want to take your gameplay on the road? You can!

“The easiest way to travel with board games is by taking smaller games,” says Greer. “The smaller the box the easier it is to transport. But sometimes we like to take a special game or something that is a little bigger, which requires a specifically sized bag. Allplay sells board game travel bags designed to store multiple games at once for travel. These have shoulder and back straps so you can carry them around easily.”

If you want to make the investment, many games offer a travel-sized alternative. If you go this route, band your smaller game to its full-sized counterpart. Or simply leave it in the car so you’ll always be prepared on-the-go—and won’t have to worry about crossing another thing off your packing list when getting ready for a road trip.

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