Business Storage Unit Helps Power Tumbling Coach to Success

Sep 7, 2023 / Laura Bolt

Lain Lee is one of many entrepreneurs who have turned to business storage at Public Storage to stay organized while growing their enterprises.

As a trainer and mental performance coach, he helps young athletes fight back against fear to maximize their physical and emotional potential.

And as a longtime customer of Public Storage, Coach Lain (as he’s known by clients) has found a way to convert his family’s storage unit in the San Francisco Bay Area into a hub for his equipment, merchandise, and training tools.

“When I started becoming busier on a weekly basis, I noticed that I was starting to lug a lot of training equipment in the trunk of my car,” he recalls.

As the business grew, he also started to delve into selling merchandise and acquiring new equipment.

“I wanted a dedicated space for everything,” he explains. “With Public Storage being so close to me, it was really convenient to upgrade my personal storage unit into a business storage solution.”

Small Business Focused on Athletes

business storage unit helps tumbling coach stay organized with moving boxes and place to organize extra equipment

The Bay Area-based coach works primarily with cheerleaders to ensure that they not only have top-notch technique, but also the mental-health skills and support to thrive as athletes in the modern world.

A cheerleader in his youth, Coach Lain actually took a detour on his current career path with a longtime stint as a graphic designer.

“I was tired of being on the computer for 16 hours a day,” he says. “I wanted to do something that adds value to people’s lives and connect.”

After hearing about his younger sister’s struggles and mental blocks in the competitive cheerleading world, Coach Lain had a lightbulb moment.

“I’d experienced creative blocks, and I thought there had to be some sort of connection between the mind and body when it comes to this type of stuff,” he said. “In my research I was starting to notice that blocks have some sort of connection to fear and discomfort. It very quickly became my new magnificent obsession!”

Coach Lain uses his research into psychology to work with young athletes on their mental performance, which in turn he says helps inform their emotional intelligence and physical well-being as well.

“A mental block is a hot-button phrase these days,” he says. “I think as human beings we tend to put Band-Aid terms on things so that we don’t have to deal with the discomfort of being truthful about what we’re actually going through. I really want to teach people to embrace discomfort and really understand what it is that they’re struggling with from a performance standpoint.”

Business Storage Key for Organization

As someone who deals with the mind-body connection every day, Coach Lain is particularly familiar with the importance of aligning your mind to reach your goals. While hard work certainly pays off, he says that solid organization is also part of the equation.

“As someone who has to wear 17 to 20 hats running a business, knowing your storage is taken care of is one less thing to worry about,” he shares. “These days having an extra 5 to 10 feet to operate in really does make a big difference when you’re running a small business.”

Modern features like contactless move-ins and the Public Storage app to seamlessly unlock your space (a must for Coach Lain and others who struggle to keep track of their storage unit keys on top of everything else), it’s never been easier to make storage an important part of your business plan.

“As a small business owner, it’s powerful to think that I’m doing something that requires its own space,” he says. “It helps to inspire for the future to say: let’s keep growing.”

With his own storage needs taken care of, the future is looking bright for Coach Lain and his business. He just finished a “Tumble Tour” that took him everywhere from Stockholm to Saskatoon, and with in-person clients and virtual consultations, he has no plans of slowing down.

Visit here for more information about Coach Lain.

And when you’re ready to see how Public Storage can help get your business off the ground, start your search.

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